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Are Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs Worth Looking Into?



When it comes to pet care, nothing comes close as to what we can do for them. It is important to be a vigilant yet caring owner since they would just be with us for a short time. This is concerning our lifespan, which is usually longer compared to them as you can see on this link. This is why it is our responsibility to treat them properly, as they also give a benefit to us. It is mainly for psychological support, but anyone needs them these days.

However, it is already a well-known fact that they can also suffer from a lot of conditions. Some of which are not even treatable, as some forms of cancer. However, we are already decades in advance when it comes to this area of this. This does not stop people though into looking for more ways to take care of our pets better. It is where cannabis comes in, and it can surprise you as to what it can do for your pet.

The Cannabis Concern

You may already have an idea as to what cannabis is, or where it can come from. It originated from Asia long before civilizations have come together. It is often used in rituals as its hallucinogenic effect was said to be a “religious” experience. However, prohibitions had started during prior centuries, and it continues up to this day. Many places in the world can get you in trouble for just possessing the drug.

Meanwhile, some parts of the Western world are already trying to embrace it as a part of their society. A famous example would be Canada, who just legalized many forms of marijuana in the entire country. It has been so successful that some people already turned it into a business, and some even attributed it to the increase in the tourist population. This termed “cannabis tourism” is popular with those whose countries do not even allow the growth of the plant in their areas.

Now, there are many ways that you can use this drug. Particularly, one of its major components was deemed as the most useful of them all. It is named cannabidiol or CBD and it has long been experimented in many ways. One of its most notable examples would be its potential as a medicine for dogs. It might seem shocking, but it is true: many pet owners have turned to cannabidiol as a way to support their ailing canines. 

Potential Benefits of CBD

You can see it in the effects that they have recorded according to mostly personal experiences. Some have said that their dogs have been behaving better because they have started using the substance. This is mainly attributed to the drugs’ ability to calm and relax the animal since most have noted lethargy as one of the main effects, as reflected on resources such as and the like. It can potentially help those animals who are suffering from anxiety and PTSD. 

Speaking of behavioral problems, some pet owners have used this to subdue their pup’s excessive barking. We all know that this can be quite disruptive, especially if you have neighbors and you have thin walls separating both parties. With cannabidiol, it can help the dog to settle down and cease their barking. Of course, once they are already asleep, they have little to no chance of disrupting anybody. 

Another thing that can help with is pain. Most dogs would undergo surgery for at least once in a lifetime. It is often due to their muscles or bones, as they are most vulnerable to these types of diseases. Once the surgery is done, they are going to be in immense pain. They can also be whining and growling all the time in self-defense. Cannabidiol can help to relax their senses and to keep them from moving too much. 

One aspect that you need to remember when looking for CBD products is they should be pure CBD. They should not have anything else from the marijuana plant, specifically THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This substance is toxic to dogs and can cause their bodies to shut down due to shock. It is important to look for treats that do not have them as well and look for a reputable source. 

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