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Are KN95 Masks Approved by the FDA? Find out More Here!



KN95 stands for Korean National Standard 95 and was developed in Korea during the SARS pandemic. This mask has been approved by the FDA and can be found on Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers. The NHS (National Health Service) tested KN95 and found it to be 95% effective in stopping airborne particles.

KN95 masks were designed especially for emergency workers to protect them from hazardous fumes during the 911 disaster. They have since been approved by the FDA. KN95 masks have a 95% effective rating at stopping various types of airborne particles.

For more information on the KN95 masks, see more at Source Ortho and FDA pages.

Features of KN95 masks that are approved by the FDA include:

1. Safe and Comfortable

KN95 masks can be used as a simple, yet very effective way to protect yourself from the air you breathe on a normal basis as well as during an emergency or hazardous situation. KN95 masks are completely safe and do not harm the body in any way. KN95 does not require additional filters for use, which makes it more comfortable to wear than most other masks on the market. KN95 also provides up to 95% filtration for any infectious airborne particles. KN95 has been approved by the FDA for use in health care settings and is the mask that healthcare workers use regularly.

2. Easy to Find and Use

KN95 masks are available online. They can also be purchased in some stores, however, there is no way to know if the KN95 masks that are in the stores have been approved by the FDA or not. The only KN95 masks that should be trusted and used daily are KN95 masks that have been approved by the FDA. KN-95 masks provide good performance at a low cost and are not disposable. There is no formal training needed for the selection of KN-95 masks, and they come in three sizes (S/M/L).

3. They are Affordable

It’s also inexpensive, ranging from $2 on eBay or Amazon and, up to $10 in some retail outlets. The KN95 mask is reusable and can be washed with soap and water. There is one downside though; the elastic straps can be difficult to tighten and may break if you’re not careful when you take it off your face. This means that the straps might need replacing every few months, which is something you’ll want to factor into your cost of ownership.

4. They are Made of Medical Grade Materials

KN95 masks are made from a special type of filter media from 3M, which was used in the medical world long ago because it is very effective at removing tiny particles, even viruses, and bacteria. KN95 virus filters block 99% of airborne germs, thus providing the highest level of protection available. KN95 filter is 100% effective against airborne bacteria, and viruses including the H1N1 virus (swine flu).

If you’re looking for a mask that’s more comfortable and has been approved by the FDA, try out the KN95 masks. It’s also FDA-approved for health care use. They can save your life or that of someone you love.


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