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Are Silver Eagle Coins Still Worth Collecting?



American bullion coins are a collector’s staple, as they had established a loyal following since 1986, when the U.S. Mint first struck them. Once investors used them to fight inflation, they began as coins of worth, and they have grown into coins that numismatic collectors cherish for their value and history. Over the decades, American bullion eagle coins remain worthwhile collectors’ coins.

Many American bullion coins are rare, including the 1995-W Proof and the 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof. With so many American Silver Eagle series proving rarer and rarer over the years, collectors have many opportunities to cherish those they purchase or profit from those they choose to sell. The profitability of these coins can be unpredictable, as each series has unique characteristics and a rarity that add to the coin’s value.

American silver eagles are enjoyable collector’s items that belong to the contemporary series. While these coins are challenging to come by, they are not so rare that they are impossible to spot. Finding these coins is challenging, but not so challenging that the process becomes frustrating and seemingly impossible. Below, we’ll discuss why American Silver Eagle coins are still worth collecting.

American Silver Eagle Coins Are Worth A Lot

Collecting American Silver Eagle coins is a significant investment, especially if you obtain a series. For instance, the 2007 Reverse variety of the 2008 Burnished sells for over $450. For such a contemporary coin, this is quite the sum. The rare 1995-W Proof costs around $3,500, and the 2019-S Reverse Enhanced Proof costs $2,250.

You Can Obtain Quite The Collection

Given that the American Silver Eagles are abundant enough to collect, you can start putting together a substantial, enjoyable collection for collectors and investors alike. Recent offerings have included newer varieties like those that are reverse proof and other variations that make adding something unique to your collection a real treat for those who want to add special varieties to their collection.

The Value Will Appreciate

Some American Silver Eagle coins are more likely to appreciate over time. For example, the 1993 P American Silver Eagle is currently worth at least $111, but the melt value is $23.85. Obtaining a coin like this leads to appreciation, which suggests it may be a good addition to your collection.

Overlooked Coins Mean More Value For Collectors

As one of the most popular coin series among collectors and investors alike, the American Silver Eagle is a silver bullion coin that remains one of the most cherished designs of all U.S. history coins. The series’ popularity leads many to overlook the potential value of the coins, making American Silver Eagle coins a true gem for collectors looking to add coins of real value to their collection.

Get A Token Of History

Whether you want to obtain your piece of history or build your wealth, Silver Eagle coins remain worthwhile collector’s items. Add these coins to your collection for appreciation potential, value, and as a token of American history.


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