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Best Retirement Advice From Actual Retirees



Generally, if you want to get the best advice, you should seek it from the one who has successfully overcome the same situation that you experience. Therefore, in terms of retirement tips, it is in your best interest to ask for some input from the retirees themselves to learn from their experiences According to a poll conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 70% of the retirees who responded to the survey feel disappointed over their own previous decision of not saving their pension funds sooner with the help of a pension transfer specialist. By learning from them, here are some pieces of advice that you can follow to create a strong retirement strategy and get rid of financial worries for your golden years.

  • Increase your savings and investment portfolio significantly.

Timing plays an important role in investment. The right timing can bring a positive outcome to your portfolio. You can apply the rule of 72 to predict when the economic opportunities will potentially double your funds. You can divide 72 by your desired growth rate, and the result will be your doubling time. Keep in mind that a rational annual rate of growth after inflation is 7%, which corresponds to the stock market’s long-term average. Referring to that percentage, your savings will rise every ten years. So, if you decided to allocate $50,000 for your retirement today, you might very well yield $100,000 in ten years, and it will continue to double every ten years. The amount you will receive may increase even higher if you start saving with the bigger amount.

  • Be ready for inflation

Many amateur investors fail to prepare themselves to deal with inflation. Meanwhile, inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. Therefore, when you are confident about building a pension pot starting now, you should also be prepared for investment challenges like inflation that may increase or decrease your funds significantly. It is in your best interest to distribute your pension funds in various forms of investments, you can buy stocks, apply to a pension program where you can choose between defined contribution vs defined benefit pension plan, and invest in several assets like real estate and other property. When you have your funds in several types of investment, you are more than ready to overcome inflation.

  • Establish your investment objectives

Setting a goal is important because you know that all your efforts won’t be in vain, as you aim for a clear target. However, there are only 42% of retired people have determined their pension goals when they start their investment. When you invest with a financial goal in mind, you can easily adjust your strategy to pursue it. You can start calculating your current monthly income to make a good allocation to be able to achieve the financial condition you desire at the expected time.

Implementing the actual retirees’ tips is recommended to avoid any mistakes in investing for your senior years. It will also save you time and energy to think about it all on your own, as you can follow their guidance for your own retirement.


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