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Best Writing Tools for Content Writers



Words have the power to shape the decisions made by the buyers. That’s why marketers use content writing as an integral part of their campaigns. When readers encounter engaging posts and marketing copies, they transform into prospective buyers and eventually into devoted customers.

Content writers need tools to help them do their jobs more effectively and intelligently, just like every other online professional. They don’t have to rely on the traditional writing formats as long as they have access to the internet. We’ve compiled a list of the top writing tools for content writers in this post. They are all available for download on the internet.

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Now without further ado, here is a quick rundown of the top writing tools:


We think that Grammarly is a tool that every writer should have in his toolbox. You may use it to improve your writing so that it is clearer, more interesting, and free of grammatical errors. To keep your writing error-free while you write it, you may download the free edition of Grammarly and install it as an extension for MS Word or Chrome.

The premium edition, however, provides much more, including the ability to detect certain complex grammatical errors and a plagiarism detector. If you’re a professional writer, it may greatly assist you in creating the greatest write-ups for a monthly fee of $30, which is fairly reasonable given the options it offers.

Hemmingway App

Being concise and clear while communicating, whether orally or in writing, is crucial. This is because there is a sizable readership for your website that comes from a variety of educational backgrounds. So, you would want your writing to be clear and intelligible for everyone. Hemingway is capable of doing just that for you.

Hemingway helps write content like blog posts, essays, and articles since it has several wonderful features and makes it easy to assess the readability of your writing.

Hemingway will encourage you to write in concise, straightforward phrases if you often use lengthier, more complicated sentences. The free online editing tool is great for shorter articles. While the Hemingway App, the PC version, costs $19.99 upfront. Both Windows and Mac share the same pricing. You are also entitled to free updates whenever they become available when you buy Hemingway software.


BuzzSumo is a cloud-based technology that aids in finding the greatest content and outreach possibilities across various online channels. While keeping an eye on what matters most to your company, you may find fresh keywords, answers to commonly asked questions, successful content, and trending posts. Simply input two words in any sequence as your search query, and BuzzSumo will find every content that has both phrases in the title or topic.

Do you want to discover what customers in a certain niche are discussing? BuzzSumo will take care of you. You may see the publications that internet users are most interested in. BuzzSumo analyses the subject and online conversations, and so, the software ranks the data starting with the one that received the most attention.

It is a fantastic tool, especially for content marketers, to write about topics that their target audience is truly interested in, and boost organic traffic as a result.


Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that allows you to increase the search engine rankings of your website by optimizing its content and keywords.

It is the most well-known WordPress SEO plugin, and it has aided millions of people to excel and stay ahead of the competition.

No matter how crucial social networks might be for a site, SEO is frequently the most crucial element for its development. And with Yoast, you can improve your website’s ranking by improving its natural quality so that it ranks higher over search engines.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public can assist you in coming up with new topics to write about when you feel as though you have covered every subject under the sun and are now at a loss for ideas for your blog posts or articles. Simply enter your niche in the search bar, and the website will provide you with a wealth of blog article inspiration. It will provide thoughts on who, what, when, and how to approach your subject.

You may get further information about the cost per click and competition search volume for certain words in the little pop-ups that appear to the side of each query.

It will provide you with preposition writing ideas if you don’t want to write about a question. Overall, it is a fantastic tool for breaking through writer’s block and discovering fresh, interesting topics to write about.

To sum up,

Today’s content creators must take their audience into account in addition to writing about the topics they wish to write about. As a writer, you need certain tools to make your work more engaging. We’ve outlined the best writing tools above to help you produce error-free, engaging content as well as to inspire new ideas for your articles. Download these tools for free and use them to make your work more appealing.

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