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Can You Make Money By Gambling Online?



One of the most common questions asked by anyone that is scouring the net and looking for new casinos is ‘Can I win money when gambling online? Well, the answer isn’t a simple straightforward yes or no. It would be great to say – just do this and that and you’ll be raking in the money, but life isn’t that easy!

Making money playing online games is a matter of your game selection and going in with clear and realistic expectations. The opportunities can be immense – and if you hit the right spots you can win lots of money. So, let’s take a look at your best chance.

Games of Luck Versus Games of Skill

If you have any experience with online casinos or know someone that does, then you may have heard people say that they have certain systems or strategies to beat the dealer on a certain game. This game could be blackjack, roulette or even craps. However, normally when someone says this, they aren’t exactly rolling in it. The truth is, if there really was a system to beat a game then they would be doing it all the time and living the life of Riley. And they aren’t.

The reason that they don’t rely on this to fund a millionaire lifestyle is that ultimately, most online casino games are based on luck – and there are no sure ways to get lucky all the time. Moreover, luck-based casino games all have a house edge, which means that the casino has the edge over you. So, there aren’t any amazing secret systems out there to help you beat the game – other than straight-out cheating. But does this mean that there’s no money to be made from them? Absolutely not. However, it does mean that in the long term, over thousands of spins or rolls of the dice, the casino will always come out on top eventually.

It also means that you certainly can make money in the short term. Although some gamblers go for long periods of time without having a winning streak, eventually, the statistical anomaly will end up correcting itself. This means that it may see-saw with wins and losses, but the casino wins in the end – because Las Vegas certainly wasn’t built on winners.

It’s easy to spot a luck-based game. Basically, the rule of thumb is that if you are playing a game directly against the casino and not against another player, then you are playing a game of luck, as they will have the edge in the long run. That being said, you can still make plenty of money from these games, but not in the long run!

A totally skills-based game has no edge – and these are the games where players all compete against each other rather than against the casino. The casino may take a commission for hosting the game, but that’s the only money they get from it.

These skills-based games are ultimately the more sustainable way for gamblers to make money in the long term. So, if you are good at the more skill-based games and you can persuade people to keep playing against you, you could, effectively, make regular money from it.

So, learn the skills, play against players and practice. You can start earning money whilst playing your favourite games!


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