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6 Timeless Clothing Pieces For Men



Curating a timeless wardrobe takes time, money, and patience. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you must take the time and ensure you’re investing in quality pieces that work with other elements of your wardrobe. Whether you’re motivated to spruce up your style with a timeless wardrobe from the stance of minimalism or tired of keeping up with the ever-changing trends, keep reading on the must-have items for a classic look that will never go out of style.

Flat-Front Chinos

One of the most versatile and flattering styles of pants for men is the chino. While you don’t want to go with pleats as they can accentuate any problem areas, a flat-front chino is a great fit. Not everyone looks great in a light khaki, so opt for a deeper caramel brown or navy. Both colors look phenomenal with dressier button-down shirts or a plain t-shirt.

Polo Shirts

A staple of every timeless wardrobe for men is the polo shirt. You want to ensure you know which size is best for you and how to wear a polo shirt. If you’re looking to expand your collection with high-quality shirts, consider checking out shirts for men. It’s best to visit a men’s clothing store for your general sizing before you start investing in any new pieces, but it’s a must when it comes to shirts. Many men assume they’re large or small and don’t know the appropriate length or width to be most flattering. Polo shirts may run in extra small through plus sizes, but it’s still important you know your size. You may be thin, but if you’re 6’4″, you’ll likely still need a large. Polo shirts look great year-round, on their own or paired with a jacket.

Sports Coats

While the oversized trend has been having a major moment the last couple of years, you may opt for an oversized sports coat or stick with a traditional, more tailored look – but you need a great sports coat either way. If you opt for the oversized trend, ensure it’s intentional. Don’t size up; buy a sports coat that is intended to be oversized. Sports coats are great in cooler temperatures and have you covered when a dress code requires them. Investing in several coats in neutral colors like camel, navy, and black is best. If you’re not limited by budget, have fun and play with prints and fabrics you like.

Crispy, White Tees

While you may own plenty of undershirts and think you don’t need some plain white t-shirts, you’d be wrong! Having a few crisp, clean, flattering tees in your wardrobe that pair with everything is a smart idea for a timeless look. While you don’t have to stick with white and can choose other plain tees in neutral colors, white is the easiest to maintain. White is simple to use stain removers and bleach for any wardrobe mishaps, meaning they’ll last the longest in your wardrobe. Invest in the highest quality t-shirts you can afford in 100% cotton.

Well-worn Denim

Did you know that you only need to wash your jeans every couple of weeks, with some men foregoing washing for months? When you invest in high-quality heavyweight denim, you want to wear them into perfection. With the selvage denim market saturated with luxurious denim designers, finding a quality pair that will last is an easy feat. It’s best to shop in-store to get the perfect fit and learn about your jeans in person. You may find that a shorter inseam than you’re used to is more flattering with not only your jeans but all your pants.

Luxe Loafers

While it may seem like all the items on this list are investments and more than you’re used to spending, you’re aiming for the “buy it for life” philosophy when shopping for a timeless wardrobe. Loafers fit the bill here. They’re not only comfortable, but they’re also year-round shoes that provide ideal support and look great with almost anything. They look phenomenal with no socks in the spring and summer and are just great with socks in the cooler months. They can be dressed up or down no matter the event. They are a staple shoe for any men’s wardrobe – they’re never going out of style.

Shopping for a timeless wardrobe is a crossroads many men arrive at at some point in life. Choosing to only purchase pieces with versatility in a high enough quality that they’ll rarely need mending or replacing is key. Invest in other key pieces like stylish watches, ties, hats, and other accessories to personalize and amp up your look. Happy shopping!


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