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Corporate Gifting Strategies



Corporate gifting is a method that’s been proven to engage with your prospects, customers, clients, and more. There’s a good reason for this – people tend to remember and appreciate companies that have given them something personal.

Many businesses utilize this type of gifting as a tool to provoke action from their customers too. The chances are good that you have one or two promotional items laying around your office or on your desk at this very moment.

While giving things like corporate gift boxes can be effective, in order to truly stand out in the minds of your consumers, you also need to stand out in the mailbox. That means coming up with unique ideas for presents that will make lasting and meaningful impressions, increase awareness of your brand, and drive the recipients into taking action.

There are quite a few ways for you to make your gifts stand out from those of your competitors and increase the likelihood of them providing meaningful outcomes.

Personalize It

Take some time to research your recipient(s) and attempt to locate a present that’s practical and relevant for either their personal or professional lives.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your gifting outreach is; always remember to include a handwritten note that’s addressed to each recipient. Let them know why you’re sending that particular item, the value you hope it brings them, and your plan to keep up the conversation.

One-to-One Ideas

Marketing on a one-to-one basis means that you create a relationship with your clients through a personalized and individualized approach. Thanks to social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, you can tailor the experiences for your clients based on their demographic, behaviors, and interests.

You can also use this in-house as a performance management system in order to ensure your company reaches its goals.

For a one-to-one gift, you’re able to both be creative and take the initiative. If a particular recipient was promoted recently, you might send them a congratulatory note and a book on professional development. At the same time, you can request a meeting to tell them how your business might be of assistance to them in their new position. If they happen to be massive sports fans, you might send them tickets to a game or a hat featuring the logo of their favorite team, along with a note about how you’d love to team up with them.

Actionable Importance

A critical part of this practice is defining some sort of goal that your present can assist you with achieving. Will you be sending a top-of-the-funnel gift to increase the awareness of your brand, a middle-tier one might be used to encourage the recipient to engage, and a bottom-of-the-funnel offering might be utilized to accelerate your pipeline.

Establish your gifting strategy by considering where the recipient falls in your sales cycle or how you can get the best ROI from it. Which call to action makes the offering worthy of your time and effort to make sure it gets sent?

A unique and successful gift should always provoke some sort of response. Try to use it to get the recipient to interact in some way as a result. It doesn’t matter if they need to redeem some code right on your website, share cupcakes with coworkers, try to advance their position in your company, or anything else; create some sort of experience with each one that’s sent. These experiences will be so much more memorable than a branded pen or mug.


I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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