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Top 10 Dean Graziosi Quotes on Success



Dean Graziosi Quotes

Dean Graziosi is one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, real estate investor, marketer, and a success coach. He is also a well-known trainer, speaker, and multiple New York Times bestselling author.

Dean had a tough childhood as his parents divorced when he was only 3, and his family faced a lot of financial problems. Out of compulsion, he had to do odd jobs to survive, and in his late teens, he started his own business.

Having established his business empire, Dean wanted to share his knowledge with the world. As a result, he wrote several books and created training courses.

Dean Graziosi has a collection of fantastic quotes which has inspired a legion of fans around the world.

10 Dean Graziosi Quotes

1. “Getting wealthy may not cure every problem, but it sure can cure a lot of them.” – Dean Graziosi

2. “It doesn’t matter where you come from. It only matters where you are and where you want to go.” – Dean Graziosi

3. “It doesn’t matter how fast you can go, it doesn’t matter how much passion you have, and it doesn’t matter how much energy you put into something. If you don’t have a vision and clarity on the destination you want to reach, you’ll simply never get there.” – Dean Graziosi

4. “When you focus on the outcome rather than the obstacle, your life will never be the same.” – Dean Graziosi

5. “A success mentality teaches not to waste energy on things that you can’t change.” – Dean Graziosi

6. “Start realizing your true worth and know that you can evolve in the direction you choose.” – Dean Graziosi

7. “Goal-setting is arguably the most important step to success.” – Dean Graziosi

8. “When success habits becomes your new routine, your life can change dramatically.” – Dean Graziosi

9. “Anything is possible when you have a path, a plan, and a desire to take action.” – Dean Graziosi

10. “Be more impressed with the height of your passion and enthusiasm than the depth of your knowledge.” – Dean Graziosi

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