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Dedicated VPS Server Explanation, Plus Pros and Cons




The Internet is a platform where people do all of their activities, starting from socializing, learning, self-actualizing, business, and entertainment. By that, many internet content providers such as businessman, artists, content creator, news, and IT experts make the online platforms that become their second home at the second universe on the digital environment named website. Website is not just a page, but it becomes the canvas that draws the owner and the place to participates in the internet universe. Website is the place that able to break the rule about the concept of time and space.

Creating a website is easy, but to run it in a proper way is a different story. There are many components within the website that need to be optimized and set before it can reach the devices from people in the whole world. One of the components that important in making a website reachable in the online world is called website hosting.

Website hosting has many variants in its area, starting from colocation, cloud hosting, shared hosting, dedicated server, and VPS (Virtual Private Server). All of the mentioned types are having unique characteristics and advantages based on their capacity and missions.

In this article, we are going to talk in-depth about the dedicated VPS server, which is known as the champion, compared to the other website hosting plans. To be more detailed, this article contains information about dedicated hosting, the pros and cons of using dedicated hosting, and also the comparison between VPS and dedicated hosting. Let’s get started to reach the information below.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is a type of website hosting service that popular be use by the majority of people that having a big business to manage their website. But dedicated hosting is also commonly used to handle the website from a big institution such as government websites, university websites, or personal websites that usually belong to a high-net-worth person.

Dedicated hosting seems to be the favorite for people mentioned above because a dedicated server is a website hosting service that able to give the brightest performance compared with all of the website hosting services such as colocation, cloud hosting, and shared hosting. Dedicated hosting is a type of website hosting that brings you all of the features on the server on a single person as the renter of the dedicated server. It means that you will get all of the features without any restriction from the computer server, hardware as the database, internet connection, software, and operating system. The best above those services is you will own the whole infrastructure for website hosting only for yourself.

By owning the whole kingdom for your own purpose, you have to provide the place to put all of your establishment’s hardware and computing system. You can place it on your office, house, warehouse, or you may rent a building that will use only for dedicated server purposes only.

Dedicated hosting is recommended for you, especially if you have a website that already notable around the world like Amazon, Facebook, and many more. A dedicated server will bring you the best service ever on the website hosting area, and you will never find security issues or downtime on its practice under the dedicated server.

Dedicated Hosting Pros and Cons

Even if a Dedicated server has the best performance ever in website hosting purposes, there are several pros and cons that following a dedicated server as assessing their performance. In this session, you will learn about the pros and cons that available on the dedicated server.


A dedicated server is able to give you the brightest performance against all of the hosting server else on the digital environment. Since you are the one in charge of the dedicated server as the owner, you have the capacity to change the software, operating system, or even sometimes people also change several parts on its machine. A dedicated server also perfects if you have a website that is well-developed and has many visitors that come and go over your website regularly.


The bad aspect of the dedicated server is located on its price that not affordable for many people. A dedicated server is created to fulfill the need of big companies and wealthy people in their purpose in a digital environment. Besides, a dedicated server also costs more money in its management because you have to hire professionals to help you handle the dedicated server.

VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Servers. VPS is a virtualized computer server that is designed according to the actual solid server computer. Hence, the use of VPS is identically impersonating the real solid computer beginning from the performance, ability to manage the hosting application, and also adaptable for high-level usage.

VPS is recognized as the most trustworthy hosting server associated with cloud hosting & shared hosting. From the pricing viewpoint, VPS is also the prizewinner compared with a dedicated server. As the mainline, the VPS server can be granted the best hosting server based on its performance, approachability, and price.

Compared with dedicated hosting, VPS is a win on the pricing aspect. A lot of people are tending to use VPS (Virtual Private Server) tan the dedicated server. The answer is because VPS is able to give features that almost similar to the dedicated server, such as the single resource that dedicated to the clients solely, personal or private space that provide the high security and comfortability for the website hosting provider to develop their website, and also the feature of a virtualized computer that offers the freedom for clients to optimize it according to their needs.

Most people think that a dedicated server is may be perfect for their website hosting activity, but they are not ready to spend so much money on the dedicated server and several aspects that following on the practice such as the additional IT engineer team, place to put the server, and the price on using the dedicated server than super-high compared with VPS (Virtual Private Server).

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