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Dental Office Start: the ideal free system for small dental offices!



Many newly graduated dentists dive into the market and open their own business with a very frequent difficulty: the dental school has not taught how to manage dental clinics , and sometimes investing in a system for dentists is beyond their means.Even dentists who already have some time in the market, but prefer to have their own small dental office , may have difficulty with management. After all, as the clinic is small, the professional is left behind before investing in dental software that helps with this.

In these two situations, dentists end up working without a management system, or having very simple and limited software, which makes their management inefficient and the clinic finds few opportunities to grow.But there are possibilities to kick-start efficient management with quality and without spending anything! This is the case with the free Dental Office management system.

What is Dental Office Start?

Our free system for dentists is the perfect tool for professionals who are entering the market, need help with their management and want a quality system, but are not yet ready for major investments.

It is also great for professionals who are already on the market with small clinics, but want to start seeing their business grow, with really efficient management.The free Dental Office system is totally free dental software, but full of features that have everything to make a difference in the management of small dental clinics.

What the free Dental Office offers for the management of dental clinics?

Dental Office Start is a system for dentists with all the necessary features for excellent management in your dental clinic. It features:

Online agenda – An intelligent and digital agenda , fully integrated in your system, with an efficient control of your appointments and appointments. Paperless, trouble-free and much more organized on a daily basis.

Electronic medical record – Have all patient history in a digital medical record, clearly organized and easily accessible on any device. Always have information at your fingertips and offer the best care to your patients;

Complete financial control – Financial management is central to the development of a dental clinic. With Dental Office Start, you have cash flow, revenue and expense management, checks and cards control, issue of slips, commissioning, credit card machine analysis and much more.

Telemonitoring – Improve your treatments with a more complete follow-up through telemonitoring – the possibility of making remote calls to give guidance and answer questions. Dental Office Start has a tool fully integrated into the system for you to achieve this;

Unlimited storage for images and documents – Centralize all documents and images on your system, with easy access, clear organization and unlimited space;

Digital prescription – Have prescriptions more efficient, quick to make and practical for your patient, sending them directly via WhatsApp or SMS.

Odontogram – The system also offers a graphic visualization of the dental arch, together with the procedures of each treatment plan and an integrated budget – all for the best care for your patient and for more agility in your work.

Management panel and reports – Have all the control of the clinic at your fingertips with organized panels and dashboards, in addition to clear and complete reports.

Marketing – Do you want to see your dental clinic grow? You need good marketing. With the Dental Office, you can have automatic sending of emails and SMS to strengthen the relationship with the customer.It does not stop there! These are just the main examples of what the free Dental Office Start system can offer for the management of your dental clinic.

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