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Earnity Will Keep Users On Trend with the Latest in the Cryptocurrency World



Earnity—a new social-first crypto and decentralized finance marketplace and platform—is making its debut in 2022 to help new crypto investors stay ahead of the trend curve. Offering community driven efficient resources to everyday investors. In this way, beginning traders can capitalize on everything the crypto world offers.

Earnity was built based on the belief that web3 technologies, such as non-fungible tokens, along with new cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, and decentralized finance, shouldn’t be created in silos. Likewise, cryptocurrency shouldn’t be accessible only to individuals in the deepest and most hidden recesses of the World Wide Web. Instead, for cryptocurrency to achieve the vision shared by early cryptocurrency creators, such as Satoshi Nakamoto, both access and information must be easily obtained, open, and peer to peer.

BitNile, Inc., a subsidiary of Ault Global Holdings, a leading holding company, was the top investor in a significant Series A offering in 2021 from Earnity. According to Milton Ault III, the executive chairman and founder of Ault. BitNile views the crypto platform as an undeniably transformational investment for two reasons. First, BitNile mines bitcoin, the cryptocurrency revolution’s foundation and an important area of focus on the platform. Second, the platform brings the advantages of decentralized finance to people across the globe.

A major draw of cryptocurrency, in general, is that opening an account for trading in cryptocurrencies is relatively easy when an investor has support. When people purchase crypto, they need to make their purchases and sales through an exchange, and to do this, they must create their exchange accounts. They must then store their crypto in digital wallets. Although this process may be time-consuming and restrictive, investors’ support through the educators and communities of users found on Earnity can make this process faster. Using these efficient resources through Earnity means they can begin earning profits quickly.


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