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Reasons to Install Automatic Window Openers in the Workplace



Automatic window openers may run using electricity, although they may also operate with a battery in case of a power outage. The windows in the workplace are essential to let natural light get in. According to studies, natural light improves the mood and productivity of employees. Furthermore, those who are not exposed to natural light for a long time are more prone to depression. Opening the windows also let fresh air into the workplace. So again, it’s good for the health, and it also boosts creativity. If there are several windows in your building, especially those hard to reach, you may want to invest in automatic window openers. Here are some of the benefits.

Conveniently open or close hard to reach windows

Windows installed in high areas that are hard to reach can be difficult to open or close manually. There is a safety risk as you may fall or get into an accident trying to do this. Since you can open or close the windows using the remote control if you have an automatic window opener, you eliminate this danger.

Save money from your energy bill

As mentioned, opening the windows in the workplace will let natural light and fresh air get in, which have their benefits. Employees become more productive, creative, and relaxed. The air circulates better because of it. Moreover, since air conditioning and light use will decrease, it will also save you money from your energy bill.

Link it with your fire alarm system

A fire alarm system is a must in the workplace to keep everyone safe in case of fire. Employees can evacuate right away when they hear the alarm set off. Unfortunately, people sometimes get trapped because smoke fills the room or building. It suffocates them, making it hard to reach the exit. In fact, according to statistics, more victims die due to inhalation of smoke over burns during fires. Linking the electric window openers with the alarm system will automatically open the windows when smoke is detected. It will help release smoke, thus preventing the build-up, making it easier for people to navigate the exits and successfully make it out of the building.

Incorporate it with smart apps

There are manual window controls that you can install in the office that still let you open and close the windows without reaching them. However, automatic window openers offer more convenience, especially since you can use them with smart applications. You can automatically set the windows to open or close at specific times of the day. They can also open or close based on the temperature or climate. For example, if it rains, the windows will automatically close.

It can run on batteries

Electric openers need electricity to run. However, some can also run using a battery for backup. It means that they will still operate even when there is a power outage, so they remain reliable.

If you don’t have automatic window openers installed yet in the workplace, it may be time to consider getting them with all the benefits you can enjoy.

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