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Distribution ERP can be defined as the widespread use of various specialized integrated business software applications and online networks within a company to provide end-to-end solutions to planning, executing, and tracking business processes throughout the entire organization. This has led to the creation of an ERP agency or entity (ERPA), which has the sole responsibility of developing ERP systems. Such an agency can either develop its own ERP module or help businesses integrate various independent ERP systems through the creation and maintenance of bridges between them.

ERP agencies may vary largely in terms of their capabilities, but they usually encompass all aspects of service from consultation, software development and maintenance, implementation, and business process reengineering.

4 Things To Look For When Choosing Enterprise Resource Planning Agency

There are many enterprise resource planning (ERP) agencies, yet not all of them have the proper experience and certifications for the job. Here are some signs to look for when choosing an ERP consultancy agency to help you implement your ERP program.

1. Experience With Multiple ERP Applications:

The ERP agency should have experience with a variety of ERP software options. One of the biggest mistakes companies makes when they outsource their ERP implementation is selecting the agency based on the software and services provided rather than the experience of the company. It is essential to find an ERP agency that has previous experience with companies in your industry sector, as well as who have businesses close to your size.

2. Certified Experts:

Make sure that the ERP agency has been certified in the software they will be working with, as well as the industry they are serving. This will ensure that they can provide you with an accurate estimate of the time that it will take to implement your ERP system. It will also show that they have the knowledge and qualifications to develop a system that will work within your company. As an added bonus, they should have account managers who are certified to work directly with your finance and HR segments and can provide them with the support they need.

3. Dedicated Human Resource:

It is important to find a company that will provide resources to your company’s HR department. For example, the agency should have a certified HR professional that can assist your HR department with strategic planning goals, employee turnover, and HR policy development. If the agency is made up of a large team of specialists, make sure that at least one team member is dedicated to your HR department and their specific needs.

4. Variety of Services:

Although your company may have a set idea of what you need in an ERP system, you should be open to suggestions from the ERP agency as they will have the knowledge and experience to suggest applications that can help your business more efficiently manage your day-to-day business activities, as well as those that can give you a strategic advantage over your competition.


ERP has taken over the market and has become the norm when it comes to business process automation nowadays, with the obvious benefit of saving time and maintaining the quality of an organization’s service. Nonetheless, ERPA holds a significant responsibility and thus, needs to be taken into consideration before choosing an ERP consultancy agency that will help you in designing and implementing an effective software solution to manage your business processes.


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