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Fun Wet Weather Activities for Tweens



Tweens, defined as kids between the ages of 8 and 12, sometimes struggle for fun things to do, especially when the weather outside is gloomy. However, there’s no reason a bit of rain has to ruin everyone’s day. With some creativity, tweens can enjoy a variety of entertaining indoor activities to keep them happily occupied when showers strike.

Indoor Obstacle Courses

One of the best wet weather activities for active tweens is setting up an indoor obstacle course. This can be done by using furniture and household items to create a challenging path to maneuver through a room or two. Options include tunnels created from chairs and blankets, a balance beam made from a broomstick across two stacks of books, jumping over “lava” pillows, and weaving through a maze of strings or streamers. If you’re fostering tweens with Fosterplus, know that they’ll have a blast getting their energy out even when stuck inside for the day.

Crafty Creations

Crafting is an ideal rainy day option for getting tweens’ creativity flowing. Stock up on supplies like multi-colored construction paper, glitter glue, pom poms, googly eyes, feathers, and more. Then let them create their own works of art to decorate their bedroom walls or give as gifts. Some crafting ideas include making 3D paper animals, designing vision boards, constructing a miniature city out of shoeboxes and other recycled items, or collaging unique postcards. As a bonus, crafting improves fine motor skills and self-expression.

Mad Scientist Experiments

Budding scientists will be enthralled with carrying out wacky experiments and reactions on a wet day. Grab household ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, cornstarch, water, vegetable oil, and yeast to allow for simple but entertaining creations. Top options are making slime, exploding film canister rockets, fizzy eruptions, exploding bags, or even “elephant toothpaste.” Supervise properly for safety, but let imaginations run wild. Discoveries made through hands-on scientific exploration will engage curious young minds.

Indoor Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are an easy way to occupy tweens’ time and energy. Create lists focused on items to find around the house. Make it more challenging by including tasks like “find something that is fluorescent” or “locate an object beginning with the first letter of your name.” Give bonus points for funny selfies featuring hunt items. To get the whole family involved, have everyone split into teams and see who can collect everything on their list fastest. Scavenger hunts transform boring rainy days into opportunities for adventure.

Movie Marathons

What better way to pass an all-day drizzle than by hunkering down for movie binging sessions? Make some popcorn, gather cozy blankets and pillows, and let the film fest commence. Tweens will love watching a series of their favorite flicks back to back. Add to the fun with themed days focused on certain genres, decades, or actors. Or go for a marathon of movie adaptations of books they’ve read recently. Streaming services make it easy to queue up hours of entertainment with just a click.

With a little innovation and preparation, parents can beat the rainy day blues and keep tweens smiling through even the wettest weather. Activities that get kids moving, creating, experimenting, and laughing are ideal for making the most out of indoor time. Don’t let the rain dampen your plans. Instead, see it as an opportunity to spark new adventures, interests, and quality time together.

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