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Graphic Design for Instagram: Tips for Non-Creatives



Everyone wants to be famous, but not everyone wants to work for it. Unfortunately, that fantasy of living the “Instagram life” will never become a reality if you don’t work for it in the first place.

Of course, we can’t all be graphic designers, so making use of the tools available to us as non-creatives can help us make the most of Instagram. It doesn’t have to be all selfies and rose gardens, you know!

Read on to learn graphic design Instagram tips.

Choose Professional Design Assets

Using professional design assets is one of the most important tips for non-creatives looking to succeed in Instagram graphic design. Professional design assets can help set you apart from your competitors and create a polished, professional look.

Assets can give even the most novice designer a great edge against the competition these include the following:

  • stock photos
  • templates
  • fonts

These types of assets can also save time and ensure that your design projects are done quickly, accurately, and to a high standard.

Pick the Right Colors & Fonts

Color can be used to set the mood of your content and help it stand out among the litany of posts users scroll through each day. Avoid using too many colors, as this can quickly become overwhelming.

Instead, choose one or two primary colors and a few accent colors that complement each other. Fonts are also important, as they allow you to create the desired visual impact and help ensure your message is clear.

Utilize Brand-Consistent Imagery

Having a recognizable brand across all of your posts will make it easier for potential consumers to identify your company from the hundreds of thousands of other Instagram content.

To do this, create a brand color palette and a uniform template for all of your posts. This helps create an instant familiarity when someone visits your profile. To further enhance this, use the same fonts and words for your posts.

Use Layering Principles to Elevate Your Content

Layering principles can be an easy and effective way for non-creatives to elevate their graphic design Instagram and content. A creative layering technique is to layer different elements of a photo on top of one another to create a more interesting and visually interesting look.

This technique can be as simple as stacking multiple elements in one image or as complex as adding transparency to layered elements to create a unique style.

Another way to use layering is to play with scale and shape; for example, add a giant sunflower to a monochromatic landscape.

Remove Background

No matter what type of business you’re running, you should always consider implementing graphic design strategies to make your Instagram account stand out.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to simply remove BG from any images you wish to post. By doing so, you’re able to create more professional, aesthetically pleasing branding that can help boost your engagement and attract more followers.

Learn Graphic Design Instagram Tips

By following these tips, non-creatives can create captivating, high-quality graphic design Instagram.

With consistency and perseverance, graphic designs can help to drive your Instagram marketing strategy and engage users. Start utilizing these tips now and you’ll be seeing results in no time.

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