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If you’re passionate about home design and are ready to give your home a few new contemporary touches, simply continue reading to discover a bit of home design inspiration.

Frameless glass railings:

If you’d like your home to have a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, you may be interested in having frameless glass fittings placed inside and outside of your home. As an example if your home has multiple floors, you may want to use glass railings on either side of your staircase. While if your home features balconies or decks you may want to use frameless glass railings, in order to avoid obstructing your view from your balcony or deck.

Not only are frameless glass railings functional but they’re also incredibly stylish and will instantly elevate the look of your home.

Create a functional open plan living and dining area:

If your home still features a separate kitchen and lounge, you may want to open up your kitchen, in order to create a modern, open plan living and dining area. Click here for more information.

Place floor to ceiling windows in your lounge or bedroom:

It’s well worth considering replacing your lounge or bedroom’s current windows with floor to ceiling windows which will allow you to enjoy a better view of your garden or of nearby scenery such as a beach, forest or farm land. As an example, if your bedroom looks out over a picturesque beach, just imagine how amazing it will be to lounge on your bed with a good book, while you’re able to look out over the ocean.

Invest in having a deck installed on your property:

If you enjoy entertaining your family members and friends, especially in the warm summer months, it’s well worth investing in building a spacious deck. Where you’ll be able to enjoy casual meals such as barbecues, in summer. Not only will building a deck allow you to spend more time outdoors but your house price will increase by a significant amount, if you choose to build a deck. As properties with large decks are in high demand. Especially if they back straight on to homes’ lounges.

Place a skylight in dimly lit rooms such as your bathroom:

In order to avoid dimly lit rooms in your home becoming damp, it’s a great idea to have skylights placed in your home’s dimly lit rooms, which don’t get a lot of natural sunlight. If you place a skylight in your bathroom, not only will natural sunlight pour into your bathroom but you’ll significantly decrease your chance of the bathroom developing unsightly and potentially harmful mold.

Turn a guest room into your dream home office:

If you find yourself spending a significant amount of time working from home, it’s well worth turning one of your guest rooms into a modern, stylish home office that you’ll enjoy spending time in. As an example, you may want to place a brand new computer desk next to a window and to place pieces of art which you love on the walls of your home office.

If you’re passionate about home design and love finding inspiration to transform your home, it’s well worth using some of the ideas listed above as home design inspiration.


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