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How Do I Choose a Baby Name That the Child Will Love?




When it comes to choosing a baby name, it’s one of the most important decisions you will make. But how on earth do you whittle it down from the thousands upon thousands out there?

In this article, we will give you a few tips so that you can go about choosing the best baby name for your upcoming bundle of joy. Read on to find out more.

Ignore Passing Fads

It can be really tempting to name your baby after popular cultural references that are all the rage at the time. However, this often means that when your baby grows up, the meaning and referencing of the name will be obscure and outdated.

Think of the popularity of the name Elsa from Frozen a few years ago which has now fallen out of fashion. Or even the name Khalessi from Game of Thrones. Those children will not understand the relevance of their chosen names, nor be particularly interested in the origins.

Choose Gender Neutral Names

With there being a focus on gender neutrality and erring away from typical girl’s names and boy’s names, why not choose a gender-neutral name that will be applicable to all genders? has a fantastic selection of gender-neutral names and other articles on LGBTQ+ issues for adults and children alike. Check them out to learn what great names have a neutral leaning.

Contemplate All Nicknames

This is a really important thing to consider. You may think you have found the most beautiful name for your child. However, names are often shortened by their friends and others, which could end up being what they are called by more than their actual name.

This can also be tricky if the name also rhymes with a word that is less than savory—kids can be mean! So think about all the possible variations for the name before deciding on it.

Honor Your Heritage

Thinking about your background and culture, one lovely way of honoring that is choosing a baby name that reflects your roots. Taking a look at your family tree for inspiration is also a superb way of honoring your background.

There might be a great-great-aunt with a beautiful name that you could choose for your baby. This is also extra special for those in your family with personal ties to that relative, and it’s a way of keeping the memory of them alive.

Think About the Initials

Initials are often used to sign for things and are addressed to people on letters. You want to ensure that you aren’t accidentally giving your child an embarrassing set of initials without even realizing it.

For example, something like ‘F.U.’ or ‘A.S.S.’ will be less than desirable!

Choosing a Baby Name: What Next?

We hope that this guide on how to choose the best baby name for your child has given you plenty of tips on how to narrow your search.

Baby names should never be chosen on a whim. Do your research and come up with the best name for you and your impending child.

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