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Should You Rent A Bike Or Just Buy Your Own?



Cycling is a great way to get around for numerous reasons. Key among them, cycling is a good body workout that targets multiple muscle groups, and it’s a more sustainable and cleaner way to travel.

It’s for these and other reasons that large cities and towns around the world have invested heavily in bike-sharing programs. Some bike sharing companies offer bike storage solutions as well.

However, should you use the public bike-sharing program in your locale, or should you buy your own bike? Here are four reasons why we think you should rent a bike.


The first reason to go for bike share is safety. Road bikes encourage faster cycling because the user sits high and leans their torso forward. PSB are heavier and more expansive, have fewer gears, and are brightly colored.

While seemingly cumbersome, all these factors work together to slow you down, increase your visibility, and ultimately keep you safe.

Less Maintenance

Buying a bike has more costs than the initial purchase fee. For a bike to function as it should, it required regular maintenance, including pressurizing the wheels, lubricating, and so on.

These not only take time, but they cost money as well. For some people, the idea of having a well-maintained book for use whenever needed, without the stress of its maintenance schedule, makes for an ideal situation.

Offers Flexibility

Your own bike would be convenient but to a certain point. If you were to take a flight to a different city, it might not be possible to have your bike for the entire round trip. This means you will own a bike, but it will not be of much use.

When using the PBS (Public Bicycle Sharing), you have a bike at whatever point you need it. This means you can hire one to cycle to the airport, catch your flight, and then hire another upon landing.

Financial Considerations

While owning a bike might be cheaper in the long run, it’s not so initially. Many people that opt for bike share do not have the finances to purchase a car or a bike outright.

Bike share becomes a rather convenient way to get around as you wait to qualify for a loan or save up enough money for a bike or a car. The lower, comfortable bike share fees can easily fit into one’s monthly budget in the interim.

Also, keep in mind that owning a bike will require service, insurance, a safe storage place at home, and so on. All these are additional costs that might not be affordable to some.

Use the Public Bicycle Sharing Program

PBS is an excellent option for people who can’t quite yet afford to purchase other modes of transport looking for a convenient way to get around. With these, they get flexibility, affordability, and, yes, a good workout.


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