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How do Niche Companies Target their Audience through Email Marketing?



Digital marketing is all about reaching out to the right people at the right time with the right message.

A powerful email marketing strategy is an excellent method to target the right audience, and it helps establish and nurture consistent connections with your existing clients and prospects.

Data-driven email marketing campaigns have been proved to be very successful, and studies reveal that about 78% of the marketers have witnessed a considerable increase in customer engagement in recent times.

This article presents you with a comprehensive set of effective email marketing methods through which niche companies target their audience.

Send your emails to subscribers who can connect with your content

Studies say that consumers like to connect with brands that send them valuable content. People are interested in engaging with marketers who fulfil their expectations.

A marketer needs to identify ideal customers who wish to engage with their brands. Developing the persona of your ideal customer helps you achieve that, and demographics play a key role here.

Several factors can influence purchasing decisions, and businesses that understand their customers are more successful than the rest. The process of segmentation assists you to know your ideal customers well. Customer segmentation can be based on place, age, gender, job, economic status, and personal interests.

A thorough understanding of your target customer segment and demographics assists you in customizing your content effectively and helps you build long-lasting, powerful connections with your customers.

The timing and frequency of your emails are important for the success of your email marketing campaigns. Too frequent emails may make you spammy. Studies say that if you send too many emails in too little time, you are bound to invite more complaints and your email read rates drop significantly.

Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation helps marketers enhance customer engagement and increase their email open rates, and Segmenting also increases click-through rates considerably. According to recent research, segmented email campaigns have been found to have resulted in about a 760% increase in overall revenue.

Targeting your present subscribers’ list is the first step in segmenting. You can classify your present recipients into different groups: the most engaged, semi-engaged, and the least engaged. Based on the number of times the emails were opened, you can have a categorization.

You can further refine your classification based on additional parameters like their purchase history and product preferences.

Content customization

After audience segmentation follows the content customization, you need to tailor your message for each customer segment. It is wise to consider the stage of the buying cycle your customer segment falls in and craft your email message accordingly.

You can add your customer’s name in the subject line itself, and it will sound friendly, personal, and make your recipient feel special. Personalized subject lines have been identified to have increased the open email rates by about 26%.

Content for a cold prospect who is yet to make any purchase can include exciting fresh content, which is value-driven. Information about new products will interest both potential customers as well as existing customers. In effect, every customer segment needs to be addressed with email content that brings them some benefits.

Precise goals always make way for better results. Quantification of your email marketing goals makes it easy to achieve them. You may want to engage your audience, invite them for a subscription, encourage clicks with tempting CTA (call-to-action), and generate sales by offering discounts, and so on.

Professional email marketing services providers offer their services at affordable email marketing pricing to businesses and brands.

Ask the right questions through your emails

An intelligent marketer will leverage their segmented subscribers’ list with customized content to reach the overall email marketing goals.

It pays well to ask these below questions to ensure that your emails will deliver you the results that you expect.

  • Who will be interested in the content that I deliver?
  • Will this content be apt for customer retention?
  • Will this content be suitable for upselling?
  • Will this content be a perfect fit for prospective clients?
  • Who are all to be included (or excluded) from the recipients’ list? Based on buying history, recent engagement details, customer’s interests and preferences.

Your email dispatch time is very important to invoke the desired response from your audience. Your email can be just a one-off email. Or it can be a part of an email series. Whatever it may be, sending emails at the right time, especially at the time that your customer segment is most likely to respond, is very important.

To make this job easy for you, get the best time suggestions from social media software solutions to drive more open rates.

Tailoring your content and customizing your overall marketing efforts will ensure that your content is just right. Land these emails in the inboxes of those recipients who really would open it, read it, like it, and respond favorably.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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