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Why is Good Recruiting Important in the Oil and Gas Industry



While excellent recruiting is important to businesses in almost every industry imaginable, good recruiting is especially important in the highly competitive, highly lucrative oil and gas industry. To discover why you should never try to cut costs when it comes to your recruitment process for oil and gas related positions, simply continue reading. To learn about why good recruiting is especially important in the oil and gas industry.

Most positions in the oil and gas industry are highly specialized:

One reason why oil and gas companies can greatly benefit from great recruiting is that most of the available positions in the industry are highly specialized and as a result require candidates who boast specialist degrees and expertise. Or several years experience in a relevant position. As in the oil and gas industry time is money and businesses simply can’t afford to hire individuals who don’t have the specific set of skills which their business requires and need to hire quality recruits who can hit the ground running. One company which can help businesses find the right staff members for their oil and gas positions is Culver oil and gas staffing.

You may need to require individuals to fill different roles over the duration of a project:

For example, if you have a project that is scheduled to last 5 years or even 10 years, your business may require individuals to fill different positions throughout the duration of your long term project. So you may need to plan to hire new individuals to fulfill short term positions and long term positions for the same project.

The landscape is predominantly a candidate driven landscape:

While in most industries in the world, there are far more candidates applying for a small number of professional positions, in the oil and gas industry due to the expertise required by most positions there is a shortage of skilled candidates to choose from. For this reason recruiters need to be able to recognize strong candidates when they come across them and to ensure to offer lucrative compensation packages, in order to increase their chances of being able to sign their desired, skilled applicants. If you come across the perfect candidate for a position, make sure to offer them a competitive package straight away as if you don’t they may make a decision to go with a rival company.

You have to consider labor laws:

Different countries and regions have different labor laws that govern how oil and gas companies are allowed to recruit staff members. For example, some countries have more relaxed labor laws which make it easy for businesses to hire foreign employees, which is useful when there is a shortage of domestic candidates applying for the available positions.

So hopefully you are now aware of some of the main reasons why recruitment is especially important in the gas and oil industry. While recruitment is important in every industry, it’s especially critical in the oil and gas industry.


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