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How does design style differ across the generations?



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Interior design trends are constantly changing from Scandi minimalism to farmhouse chic. There are clear interior differences between the generations and a few similarities too. Millennials and Gen-Z prefer smart homes with contemporary décor, while Baby Boomers are all about rustic accents. Age can play a significant role in how you choose to decorate your home.

Let’s take a closer look at how each generation approaches interior design.

Millennials (1981-1996)

Millennials grew up in the technology revolution, and their homes tend to reflect this. They like smart TVs, the latest gadgets and home assistants that can control everything from when the living room curtains open to the heating schedule.

Millennial’s live hectic lives, and they are constantly connected to social media and technology. They steer towards modern and minimal interiors that exude a sense of calmness to counteract their hectic lives. White walls, open plan living, and neutral furniture are commonly found in millennial homes. They will often search for more affordable versions of expensive items to achieve the same sense of luxury.

Generation X (1965 – 1980)

Generation X tend to follow millennial interior trends. They like their homes clean and simple with a little more consideration for practicality. They want the space to be cosy and perfect for a family day at home. Generation X compliments neutral tones with accents of colour to make the house a little more family orientated.

Generation X homes feature exposed beams, unadorned windows, natural materials (like wood, metals, and leather) and reflective surfaces. You will often find modern fitted wardrobes in Gen X bedrooms to keep the space tidy, organised and minimal. Gen X homes are like the cosier and less-techy version of millennial properties.

Baby Boomers (1946 – 1964)

Baby Boomers like more traditional farmhouse décor compared to the contemporary style of millennials and Generation X. They enjoy warmer colours like soft greens, greys, and creams, paired with more vibrant fabrics in red and orange. Baby Boomer homes are elegant and comfortable – with a touch of DIY.

The Arts and Crafts movement led to an influx of stained class, organic woodwork, and natural materials in homes across the UK. While contemporary homes like clean lines, Baby Boomers much prefer natural textures with softer edges.

Some Baby Boomer homes settle into the farmhouse chic category and find a beautiful balance between rustic and modern. They will combine brushed metals with stunning natural furniture and pastel colours. On the other hand, some Baby Boomer spaces are more centred around family and comfort. Bold colours, handmade items, and sentimental décor take priority over the latest interior trend.

Everyone has their own taste and style when it comes to interior design.


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