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How Government Accredited Labs Test CBD & Why It’s Important 



CBD is incredibly popular right now in the UK, and for a good reason. While many of the products out there are of high quality, some are misleading and are far from how they appear. As such, the UK has established government accredited labs that play an essential role in the regulation of CBD testing. Here’s what you need to know. 

The importance of government accredited labs 

Government accredited labs have an ISO certification that signifies their suitability for testing THC in hemp-derived products. CBD products must meet ISO 17025 standards to be sold in the country. The reason why labs are so important is that they subject CBD products to the rigorous testing that is required to ensure they are legal for distribution and consumption in the UK. Ultimately, it enables consumers to make a considered choice when deciding on which CBD brand to go for.

Consistency is vital in government-accredited labs, and they’re responsible for ADME evaluation, full chemical analyses, microbiological testing, stability testing, and toxicological evaluations.

Why should CBD products be tested in the lab? 

CBD is highly sensitive to light, heat, and pressure changes, as is the case with many plant compounds. As soon as extraction takes place, chemical changes may occur. CBD retailers try and prevent this from happening, but not all companies are successful when it comes to preserving the quality of the CBD within their products. It’s for this primary reason that independent lab testing is so important. Labs have highly sophisticated equipment at their disposal, which allows them to determine once and for all if the CBD product is safe and legal for consumption.

Specifically, lab testing is vital when it comes to testing for THC. It is one of the controlled substances found within cannabis, and UK Law stipulates that CBD products may only contain trace amounts (less than 0.1% per 1000mg). Although processing THC out of cannabis products is relatively straightforward, it’s still vital that labs verify that a CBD product has less than the stipulated amount to ensure it’s safe for retail. It’s important to note that not all government-accredited labs are also THC accredited. The government provides a stamp of approval that a lab implements its procedures to a high standard. THC approval is under ISO 170025 legislation, meaning that it is able to determine the levels of THC in a product.

Why testing is important for consumers and retailers 

THC is a highly psychoactive compound and can alter your mood. Although it’s an incredibly divisive compound, the fact of the matter is that it can both assist with and lead to ailments including anxiety and depression. Further research is required to fully understand THC, which is why it needs to be treated differently from CBD. Lab testing ensures that consumers know that the CBD they’re buying only contains trace levels of THC, reducing the likelihood of experiencing negative side effects as a result.

For retailers, Trading Standards require lab testing. It allows retailers to showcase their standards and build trust with their customers. What’s more, retailing products that contain higher levels of THC than the stipulated amount is a crime and could lead to prosecution. Getting products tested by government accredited labs protects retailers legally and provides accurate and trustworthy information to consumers. As such, it’s crucial that you opt for a CBD retailer that you can trust.


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