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How safe is Bitcoin as an investment option?



Transferring online money is not at all a problem for most of us. We buy things by paying online. We even transfer money online from one bank to the other. Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, are digital assets that are used like normal currency. But, there are notable differences between Oil trading and normal currency. Cryptocurrencies work on the principle of peer-to-peer payment methods. It completely eliminates the dependency on any intermediary. Cryptocurrencies do not have any physical version.

Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins are created with an encrypted code. The code consists of letters and numbers. The equation or encryption used for creating the code has to be used to unlock the Bitcoin. It works like a virtual key.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum use blockchain technology for sending transaction data into cyberspace. Blockchain is like a ledger where each cryptocurrency transaction is stored. This data is public so transactions are visible to everyone. The transactions are secured enough not to be tracked. New Each Bitcoin has to be mined. The number of Bitcoins is finite, which is 21 million. The fixed numbers of Bitcoin and high market cap have made it the most popular cryptocurrency in recent times.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. They are not under any financial authority, such as central banks or governments. Most Bitcoin trading platforms allow purchasing of Bitcoins using credit cards.

Bitcoins havedropped: the reasons

Most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, have gone downwards at the beginning of 2022. The rise in interest rates and inflation have caused the downfall of cryptocurrencies. The speculations about the regulation of cryptocurrency into the future and cryptocurrency transactions made illegal in China are some other causes of the downfall of the cryptocurrency market.

Some of the popular cryptocurrencies are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Binance Coin
  • Tether
  • USD Coin

Storing of Cryptocurrency

After you have purchased cryptocurrency, you need to store it in wallets. The wallets can be hot wallets or cold wallets. Hot wallets are digital wallets available online. There are private keys to keep your cryptocurrencies in these wallets. Cryptocurrencies kept in cold wallets are safe from cyber hackers.

What can you buy with cryptocurrency?

Initially, Bitcoin had limited applications. But with time, there has been significant development in this zone. In reality, it has not happened like that, but with the pace at which the cryptocurrency market is growing and the increasing numbers of institutions and governments adopting Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment, cryptocurrencies are going to stay for a longer period as a digital asset.

  • E-commerce sites: Many E-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Home Depot, Rakuten, etc., accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment.
  • Luxury goods: Bitdials, an online luxury goods retailer, offer luxury watches in exchange for Bitcoin.
  • Cars: Some car dealers accept Bitcoin payments.
  • Insurance: AXA, a Swiss Insurance Company, has started accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Is Bitcoin investment safe?

Despite having ups and downs of Bitcoins, people are showing interest in investing in Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins. Important tips for Bitcoin investment are:

Diversify the investment profile– You should not invest only in Bitcoins. You should invest in multiple cryptocurrencies so that your losses are less when the market is downwards.

Invest only a percentage of investment profile: You must invest only 5% of your investment profile in Bitcoins so that when the trend is downwards, you do not lose all your money.

Use mixed storage: You should store Bitcoins in mixed wallets.

Automatic purchase: Use online automatic trading exchanges for making Bitcoin transactions. This will make transactions faster, secure, and more profitable.

How beneficial are Bitcoin Trading Apps?

Cryptocurrency trading has become simpler for investors, even the novice ones. There are many cryptocurrency trading robots that use AI and Machine language to make Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency trading an easy task. The Bitcoin Trading Robot, offer free registration to the users. With these automatic trading platforms, users do not have to spend time continuously watching cryptocurrency market trends. Users have to provide certain information on these platforms. Based on the information provided and the market trend, cryptocurrency transactions are done by these trading robots on behalf of users. With these automatic platforms, the potential risk to users is much lesser.




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