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How Technology is Changing Dentistry



Technology drives progress. From the foods we eat to the buildings we use to the devices we depend on for work and entertainment, everything we hold dearly short of life itself is brought to us courtesy of modern technology.

When it comes to the beneficial impact of technology, modern medicine is no exception. In particular, dentistry has come a long way from the days of medieval barbers thanks in part to advancements in technology.

Since most people hate going to the dentist, it’s easy to miss or flat-out ignore the ways in which modern dental care is becoming more accessible and affordable thanks to new tech. With this in mind, let’s take a look at six ways technology is changing dentistry for the better:

Digital denture design

Whether it was a partial or full set of false teeth, getting fitted for dentures was once a labor-intensive process taking weeks or even months to complete. While it was better than nothing, assembling properly-fitting dentures was overdue for technological improvement. Thanks to the development of intraoral scanners, dentists are now able to create three-dimensional digital dentures to be sent to the lab for processing. These digital scans allow technicians to assemble dentures faster than ever before. There’s also less room for error, thanks to the reliability of digital scans versus old-fashioned molds.

Virtual reality

As mentioned in the introduction, many folks experience stress and anxiety when going to the dentist. The mere sight of the examination chair and tray of stainless tools is enough to jumpstart a panic attack in some people. Fortunately, efforts are underway to help nervous patients relax without the use of anesthetics. One idea is to fit patients with virtual reality goggles that help get their minds off the dentist. From sitting on a sunny beach somewhere to walking the streets of San Francisco to bouncing around a fantasy realm, the sky’s the limit in terms of VR possibilities for dental patients.

Smart technology

Practically everyone has smart technology in their homes and front pockets. That technology is now getting put to work providing people with better dental care at home. While electric toothbrushes are nothing new, the latest models are fitted with microchips and connected to mobile apps to monitor brushing and provide custom feedback. In the coming years, this technology may even help detect the signs of periodontal disease, urging individuals to book a dental appointment when they may otherwise wait months.

Telehealth services

The rise of telehealth systems is a promising development for dental care. While most treatments require the presence of a dentist, examinations may soon be possible in remote settings. This will prove especially beneficial for those living hundreds of miles from the nearest practicing dentist.

Liquid lens technology

It sounds more related to optometry than dentistry, but liquid lens technology refers to the most advanced forms of camera lenses available to dental professionals. These cameras have the ability to provide clear images of small objects in high definition. Equipped with a camera probe with a liquid lens, dentists can examine every nook and cranny of a patient’s mouth without jamming their hands halfway down their throat.


There’s been a lot of talk about nanobots and nanoparticles lately without much real-world application. While further study is required before becoming a part of modern dentistry, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed a proof-of-concept regarding the use of microbots to brush and floss teeth. The team behind the technology is a combination of dental school and engineering school researchers who merged their disciplines together in hopes of paving the way for the future of dental care.

Take a look around and chances are you’ll spot an example of modern technology within seconds. Thanks to the latest developments in dental care technology, you may soon be seeing modern tech in the mirror.

Michael Driver is a freelance writer from Texas. He enjoys writing about history, movies, and technology.


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