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How to Gain More Commercial Cleaning Contracts



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Businesses are always looking for long-term projects that can ensure their profits and sustainability. This statement becomes truer for businesses in the customer service industry. Cleaning franchises are considered customer service-related businesses. The success of a commercial cleaning franchise depends on how satisfied a customer feels after they review the quality of your service. An office cleaning franchise generally signs long-term contracts with its clients. However, obtaining these long-term contracts is no easy feat. If you have just opened a new cleaning franchise and are looking forward to gaining more commercial contracts, then the following points are really helpful.

Start With a Low Bid

It may seem counterintuitive, but many new businesses and franchises can find success by following the principle of “less is more.” Usually, when a commercial contract is up for grabs, a local newspaper or online job service notifies the concerned parties. After reviewing a contract offer, apply for the job with a lower bid. Businesses are always looking to save money, so if your bid is low and your services are top-notch, then it will naturally make your cleaning franchise an attractive option.

Utilize Social Media

In today’s world, the majority of business is done online. Some of it is even done through social media. A client could hire you remotely without even visiting your offices. You should make sure your social media accounts are updated regularly. You should also make sure that you are on the most relevant social media sites for your business. Once you have accounts on those sites, you should start interacting with businesses in your local area. Post about your services, share pictures of your current contracts and let customers review and rate your business. A strong online presence can guarantee new commercial contracts for all types of businesses.

Be Clear About Your Services

As the heading suggests, it is important for you to be clear about the services you provide. You should also be clear about the services you do not provide. Cleaning companies often make the mistake of overpromising to their customers. However, if you fail to deliver on your promises, then you could damage your reputation. One bad review could hurt your bottom line and make it difficult for you to attract new business. At the time of signing a contract, understand the customer’s demands and determine whether your company can meet those demands. It is better to not have any contracts than to destroy your reputation and jeopardize any potential future contracts.

Create New Strategies

If you have not had any new business in a while, then you should revise your business strategies. This could include surveying local businesses, adopting a door-to-door method, refining your business services or simply changing how your company approaches new clients. Revising your initial strategy is not only a good idea for obtaining new contracts, but it helps you keep your business fresh with new and innovative ideas.

The points mentioned above are not the final word about finding new contracts; rather, they are our most tried and tested tips. Running a cleaning franchise is difficult. However, a fresh approach can be the difference between success and failure.

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