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How to make use of your excess ash for a spring clean



If there’s a log burner or open fire pit in your home, you will be well aware of the fact that kiln-dried logs leave behind some ash after they have been burned. While ash is sometimes associated with inefficient fuel sources, even the most efficient of firewood can leave behind plenty of ash after the flames have died down. But instead of throwing the ash in the bin, here are some effective ways to make the most of it in your home.

What can you do with ash?

Most people simply throw their ash in the bin or hoover it up when clearing up after their fire. But in reality, there are several ways to put the leftover ash to good use, as we explain in detail below:

Clean the glass in your wood burner

It’s a well-kept secret that you can use leftover ash to clean the glass in your wood burner, but it’s a super handy tip to be aware of. While the ash isn’t as capable as branded cleaning products, it is an excellent abrasive that effectively removes all of the soot that has built up on the glass. Who would have thought it? Grab a damp cloth and some scrunched-up newspaper and work it through the ash before rubbing it on the glass screen. Once covered, you can simply remove the ash from the grass and wipe it clean, and revel in your handy work.

Feed your garden

Another way to make the most of your ash is to use it in your garden. Ash that remains from the burning of kiln-dried firewood is an excellent natural source of potassium, and it will help to remove some of the acidity from your soil. Equally, you can add the ash to your compost bin before using it for various purposes in and around your garden. Just be careful not to add too much ash to your compost, as excessive amounts can be detrimental to the health of certain plants in your garden.

Use it in cold weather

Due to the fact that ash is an excellent source of potassium, you can use it when the roads and pavements are icy at the height of winter. Few things are as problematic as waking up during winter and thinking that you’re going to struggle to get to work due to the ice. But having some firewood ash on hand to reduce the slipperiness of the ice is a great way to get to your car – and the office – safely.

Make some soap

If you’re great with your hands and creative at heart, why not test your skills and make some soap? When mixed with water, ash creates lye which is the main ingredient in soap making. While there’s a fair amount of work involved in the creative process, making soap from your leftover ash is a great way to recycle and save the ash from simply ending up in a landfill.

Choosing the right fuel for your fire is so important, and opting for kiln-dried firewood that has a moisture content of 20% or less controls the amount of ash you will be left with. So, choose the right fuel for your fire this season and bear in mind these top tips for putting your leftover ash to good use around your home.


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