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How to Watch the MLB Live Without Cable



The MLB 2023 season is in full swing, and fans are excited about watching the games. What do cord-cutters do when they want to watch the MLB live? There are various ways they can watch the entire season and their favorite teams, even if they don’t have cable. The following information can help fans whether they just want to watch their favorite local team or teams from across the entire country.

Subscribe to a live streaming service

Today there are many digital streaming options that provide live broadcasts of MLB games. The subscription prices are much less than the price of typical cable. Streaming services allow viewers to watch national games on various networks. Many streaming packages also include regional sports networks (RSNs) from across the country. RSNs cover a specific region and all the regular seasonal games of local MLB teams. Which channel covers a team will vary by region and streaming provider.

DIRECTV STREAM carries ESP, TBS, FS1, MLB network and local Fox channels. It also carries most RSNs. This makes it the most comprehensive streaming service for watching baseball. Hulu Live TV and Sling TV are other streaming services that carry many networks. They provide affordable ways to watch sports without cable.

It’s no wonder that online sports betting has taken off in the U.S. with so many opportunities to watch major league games like the MLB. It has spread across the country like wildfire since it was legalized in 2018. Sports bettors can place many different types of bets on their favorite MLB teams and players, such as money lines and spreads. Live sports betting is an increasingly popular option where bettors place bets throughout a game rather than only before it begins.

Watch MLB.TV

MLB.TV combines the feeds of RSNs from all around the country. Subscribers can watch every game throughout the season. It is supported on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, PC/MAC, iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. A great feature is that in-game highlights and stats update as the action happens.

MLB.TV is offering a Free Game of the Day this season. Users can create a new username and password or use an existing MLB account to watch on all supported devices.  

One of the shortcomings of MLB.TV is its blackout rules. Fans can’t watch local teams live and root for them as the game is being played. Many fans are unhappy about the blackout rules. There is no delay in the live audio so fans can tune in if they want to listen rather than watch.

Some baseball viewers will subscribe to a VPN service before they log in to the MLB.TV app. Using a VPN changes their IP address. This can unlock streams that aren’t available in their location. MLB.TV does not endorse this so fans need to decide for themselves whether to take this risk.

Watch on free over-the-air TV

Fans who enjoy watching sports won’t be able to catch every game when watching free over-the-air TV. Over-the-air TV is high-definition television broadcasted from local television stations in an area. All a viewer needs is a TV and a digital antenna. Viewers may be able to find a live feed of games on local broadcast channels. There are no monthly charges but they must be within range of a broadcasting station and will only have access to local MLB games.


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