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35 Inspirational Joaquin Phoenix Quotes



joaquin phoenix quotes

As one of America’s best method actors, Joaquin Phoenix is also an activist and producer. He has received several prestigious awards, including three Academy Awards nominations, a Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award.

Phoenix started acting at a very tender age. He received greater recognition in the industry for playing the role Commodus in the film Gladiator, where he got the Academy Award as the best supporting actor. He also played the role of Joker (2019)-a DC comic-based thriller film. As a social activist, Phoenix has been engaged in numerous charity works, and he is also a part of several humanitarian organizations.

Joaquin Phoenix quotes on life and other aspects are rare, funny and witty which you will also inspire you.

35 Joaquin Phoenix Quotes

1. “Acting is real important to me. I love it, and it’s something I care about.” – Joaquin Phoenix

2. “I’ve made up so many stores about my name, I can’t remember.” – Joaquin Phoenix

3. “I like working all the time. I hate taking breaks. I don’t like the weekends.” – Joaquin Phoenix

4. “It’s hard for me to put my feelings into words.” – Joaquin Phoenix

5. “When I decide to do something, I stick with it, total commitment.” – Joaquin Phoenix

6. “I’m like the kid that crams for tests and never remembers anything.” – Joaquin Phoenix

7. “It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.” – Joaquin Phoenix

8. “As a nation, this is the moment to start seriously investing our time, energy and resources into proven methods of reducing violence, both within our nation as well as internationally. The cost of violence to our culture and our children is simply not sustainable.” – Joaquin Phoenix

9. “I feel like everything you learn as an actor growing up is wrong. You’re supposed to hit your mark, find your light and know your lines. Those are all things that just make things wooden, dull and boring.” – Joaquin Phoenix

10. “The less someone knows about me, the better, because my intention is to play a variety of characters.” – Joaquin Phoenix

11. “For me, I’d rather have an intense experience than not.” – Joaquin Phoenix

12. “I don’t know a single person in life that doesn’t have conflict.” – Joaquin Phoenix

13. “I always have the fear that, if I don’t commit 100 percent to my work, then it’s gonna suffer.” – Joaquin Phoenix

14. “I’ve been in clubs. I don’t like being in an enclosed place with really loud music, and a lot of drunk people. It’s not my idea of a good time. It’s just such a miserable life.” – Joaquin Phoenix

15. “I do like to collaborate, and I like hearing other people, and I like how somebody’s performance will affect my own.” – Joaquin Phoenix

16. “Is it that your dream is unattainable or is it that you have the wrong dream?” – Joaquin Phoenix

17. “The only reason why I would like to be accepted? Because if your movies don’t do well, after a while you don’t get to make any more movies.” – Joaquin Phoenix

18. “I guess I had what you could call an unconventional upbringing.” – Joaquin Phoenix

19. “You see so many earnest characters in movies all the time, everyone has a purpose.” – Joaquin Phoenix

20. “When I decide to do something, I stick with it, total commitment.” – Joaquin Phoenix

21. “I enjoy humour more than anything, I don’t really sit around banging my head and crying all the time.” – Joaquin Phoenix

22. “My significant other right now is myself, which is what happens when you suffer from multiple personality disorder and self-obsession.” – Joaquin Phoenix

23. “There is no need for fur – since there are compassionate alternatives.” – Joaquin Phoenix

24. “When I look back I can’t believe how my parents managed, but the cliche is true. We didn’t have money, but we were rich in so many other ways.” – Joaquin Phoenix

25. “I had a really wonderful upbringing. We were a tight family. It was wonderful to grow up with so many siblings. We were all just a year or two apart, and we were always so supportive of each other. I learned everything from my older brother and sister and taught it to my younger sisters.” – Joaquin Phoenix

26. “I love having a master. I have no problem serving my director. That’s my job. I want to make them happy.” – Joaquin Phoenix

27. “I becan acting when River was doing this TV series and they needed two kids for the show, so they got me and my little sister, Summer, to do it. After that I did some really weird guest spots with orangutans and stuff.” – Joaquin Phoenix

28. “It’s an amazing feeling to go into a studio and really be alone.” – Joaquin Phoenix

29. “When I go out with the ladies, I don’t force them to pronounce my name. I tell them I like to go by the nickname of Kitten.” – Joaquin Phoenix

30. “The reason I keep making movies is I hate the last thing I did. I’m trying to rectify my wrongs.” – Joaquin Phoenix

31. “We are all animals of this planet. We are all creatures. And nonhuman animals experience pain sensations just like we do. They too are strong, intelligent, industrious, mobile, and evolutional. They too are capable of growth and adaptation. Like us, firsthand foremost, they are earthlings. And like us, they are surviving. Like us they also seek their own comfort rather than discomfort. And like us they express degrees of emotion. In short like us, they are alive.” – Joaquin Phoenix

32. “I don’t know why I always get to play these guys who have few redeeming features. But don’t knock it. Villains are much more fun.” – Joaquin Phoenix

33. “I like being an employee. I like making somebody happy – and if they’re not, then I’m crushed.” – Joaquin Phoenix

34. “I don’t walk around like I’m a movie star because I don’t think of myself as a movie star. People usually don’t even notice me.” – Joaquin Phoenix

35. “Every movie soaks into you for a certain amount of time.” – Joaquin Phoenix

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