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Kitchen Remodel 101: 4 Reasons To Invest In a Premium Quality Range Hood



Regardless of your design preference, a range hood is ready and waiting to be the crown of your kitchen and the focal point of the entire house. Most copper hoods are crafted from pure copper and handmade by experienced artisans.

The quickest way to improve the functionality and look of any kitchen space is by adding a copper range hood. Apart from being efficient, copper hoods have a fantastic visual appeal.

The most incredible element with these vents is that you can get a custom one that matches your needs. When remodeling your kitchen, here are reasons to invest in a premium quality range hood.

Why Invest In Premium Quality Range Hoods

Premium Quality Range Hoods Are Beautiful

Copper is an excellent material because it becomes more exciting and beautiful as it ages. A copper hood can improve the aesthetic of your kitchen and become a stylish focal point for your guests.

After some time, the surface of your copper range hood reacts with moisture and oxygen to form a patina. Patina is a small layer coating copper creating an evolution color that tells a story about your kitchen. The natural aging of copper is incomparable to any material.

Despite the patina’s attractive look, some individuals prefer to retain the original color of copper. This is achieved by applying copper wax or a protective coating on your hood.

Copper Range Hoods Can Be Customized

Premium quality range hoods at CopperSmith come in different colors and finish customized to fit your kitchen aesthetic. For an industrial feel, you can select a metallic bronze oven hood with a weathered finish or a pure granite raven hood for a modern look.

There are diverse shapes, from boxy to elaborate to elegant. Numerous premium quality range hoods can be customized, including crown profile, texture, and strap texture to rivets’ style and finishing. Copper hoods can be crafted to be mounted as an island or on the wall.

Copper Range Hoods Last A Lifetime

Although copper is very malleable during the production period, it is a solid and durable metal. Copper resists stains, dents, and scratches by repairing itself. When a copper surface stains or scratches, the area slowly deepens its color to match its surrounding.

Suppose your hood is seriously damaged for unknown reasons; be rest assured that it will be typically refinished and restored to its original look.

Copper Range Hoods Are Good For Your Health

Copper is an excellent material because of its natural antimicrobial properties. According to research, copper’s antimicrobial properties are potent, so scientists found a way to treat diseases using copper.

Unlike traditional oven hoods, premium range hoods are specifically built to draw smoke from your kitchen, allowing your family members clean air and free from harmful particles and odors. Copper vents are smoothly designed with no hard-to-clean corners. Any bacteria that touches your hood is likely to perish within hours.


If you want to elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen as you remodel it, add a premium-quality range hood. A hood made of copper brings style and elegance since you can get them in custom designs. Copper is a good material for your health because of its antimicrobial properties.


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