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Life And Breastfeeding: Finding A Balance Is Possible



Not All Situations Are Conducive To Breastfeeding

When your baby is hungry, they’ll let you know. Today it’s common knowledge that, in terms of overall health, breastfeeding is best not only for your newborn, but for you as a mother. There are long-term health benefits that continue for decades in either individual. Mothers and their children are less susceptible to a variety of illnesses from breastfeeding.

Also, both mother and child are set up more efficiently for long-term health from the act. You can read more about that here. The thing is, though breastfeeding is definitely good for all involved, it’s not convenient. If you’re out at a cafe with your husband, the other kids, and the newborn, when that baby gets hungry, you’ll have to be able to feed him or her.

If you’re in McDonald’s can you just yank down your shirt and let the baby latch? Well, technically, yes; but is that the wisest move? Many people are mature enough that this won’t offend their sensibilities. Some people will blow a gasket. However, what if there were a solution (like maternity wear designed for breastfeeding) that made things less problematic?

This is just one consideration as regards breastfeeding. In this writing we’ll explore several other features of the act that are worth thinking. It can be hard to balance general living, parenting, and breastfeeding, but it’s not impossible; and mothers from time immemorial have managed to strike that balance. Here are a few ways they’ve done it.

1. Giving Yourself The Sort Of Nutrition You Need To

Breastfeeding is going to tire you out at least a little, even if you’re an exceptionally energetic woman. There’s a physical component at play. You’re losing a few hundred calories with each feeding. Call it about the same as running two, maybe three miles. Once extracted, your body starts replacing those calories—provided you’re in proper health to do so.

Accordingly, give yourself the right sort of nutrition. Eat natural, organic foods that aren’t replete with GMOs, preservatives, or hormones. You need a balanced diet, and your personal health profile may predicate specific nutrients—assure you’ve got some sort of physician in whom you trust to help advise you on best overall nutrition both for you, and your baby.

2. Getting Assistance From Experts

Sometimes a physician to help you through your pregnancy is all you need, and they’ll have enough information regarding your unique nutrition profile to assist you after the delivery. However, there are likely going to be situations where you need help in your home with the baby, and you need that help immediately.

Well, one of the silver linings of 2020’s crisis is that remote infrastructure has become more status quo than it’s ever been. While remote options for breastfeeding advice were becoming more prevalent before 2020, now you can find quality online lactating consultation very easily, and this could save you a lot of trouble with your newborn.

3. Breast Pumps And Bottles

Breast pumps and bottles help you store your breastmilk for when your baby needs some nutrition, but you’re not in a position to feed. Hopefully you don’t have to lean on pumps and storage primarily, but it’s better to have the option and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

4. Learning Your Baby’s Hunger Cycles

Babies have different temperaments and hunger cycles. Some newborns will wake up around 11:45, and at 12:00 on the dot every day pitch a fit for food. Some babies will be hungry but won’t be as vocal about it. Each of your children will have their own idiosyncrasies. Learning them can help you balance life and feeding.

Balanced Breastfeeding

Proper nutrition, getting the right consultation from experts who know the latest medical information and offer remote solutions, having necessary infrastructure like breast pumps or bottles, and learning the cycles of your newborn all represent key ways of balancing breastfeeding with life as a new mother.


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