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Pro Tips: David Koonar Shares How To Step Up Your Photos in 2021



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In 2020, we had the pandemic—a terrible pacesetter that locked everyone in their homes for 9 months. With the availability of vaccines, one should expect that the economy will open up soon enough; so, are you ready to up your photography game and make the best of this year?

We know you are, and that’s why we dragged David Koonar, a professional Canadian photographer, from his home to our studio—don’t worry, we followed all Covid-19 safety protocols.

David was calm—as usual, and he talked about a lot of issues, from the level of innovation hitting the industry and new ways to attract clients. He also talked about steps to up your photo in 2021.

How was business in 2020?

Business was not the usual in 2020, but everyone had to adapt. It’s important to plan for the future but I do not think anyone saw this coming.

The pandemic hit a lot of people in terrible places. Many businesses ran to the ground, and people needed government-aids to support themselves.

But it was not all bad news: 2020 presented opportunities for photographer to explore their crafts with innovation. A sit-at-home order might look like a bad thing from the outside; however, intricately, it can be good.

  • I learnt a lot of tricks over the lockdown. I know you might think: ‘But you are already a master photographer, why learn more tricks?’

We can only get better when we develop ourselves. Photographers can also get locked in their comfort zones and apply only a single form of creativity to all pictures. Of course, these photos will be beautiful—but they are the same.

  • I connected with more people online.
  • I retouched for more clients.
  • I had the time to mentor many up and coming photographers.

So, you would have another 2020?

No! I would not have another 2020. There was too much gloom and unease, and of course, many people I know got infected. We pick the lessons and we move.

Do you Think An Up and Coming Photographer Can Make a Million Dollar in a Year?

A million dollar is a lot of money, but not impossible to make; however, you will probably not make even a quarter of that amount as an up-and-coming photographer; however, if you grow your portfolio, establish an industry-level organization, and expand your reach to include event planning, event management, videography, script-writing, and the likes, you can certainly make more than a million dollars in a year.

Can You Share a Few Tips You Use to Up Your Photos?

  • Gadgets! Gadgets!! Gadget!!

I tell people that they can do a lot with minimum gadgets, but they can do so much more when they have the right gadgets. The funny thing is, there are many inexpensive cameras in the market that produce amazing results without you breaking the bank; however, many photographer are prodigal—they spend more money more than they make money.

If you spend on frivolities and ignore the machines for your craft, your craft will undoubtedly suffer.

  • Learn photo-editing

One would assume that every photographer should aim to be excellent photo-editors; but no, some just want to click and snap. It’s a lazy habit—irrespective of the perspective.

Yes, there are times I give my pictures to photo-editors for retouch; but I only do so when I am too busy editing other projects.

  • Follow the Masters

When I began my career, I followed the best photographers on Instagram. I duplicated their pictures and even chatted them up for tips.

Many of them responded to my questions because I was persistent. I had—and still have a mentor. The easiest way to finishing a task is asking someone who has an experience with the task.

  • Diversify your portfolio

When starting out, you must be willing to take on a lot of diverse jobs because you have not yet branded yourself within a niche. There are many types of photography including food photography, wedding photography, nude, fashion photography, and more.

Do you Have a Piece of Advice for the Younger Generation?

Work like your life depends on it—because it does.


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