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Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials That Every Woman Should Own



There’s nothing more pleasing than seeing a fully stocked wardrobe ready to use. With clothes stacked to the brim, a study says that women usually wear only twenty per cent of their clothes regularly. So what happens to the rest? This means that many good blouses, shirts and tops for women are never worn out in public and hence never utilised for their worth.

It is fascinating to know that the average amount of 23 kg of clothing is thrown away by women every year. With such gruelling facts in mind, it is vital to cut down on fashion and use or buy wardrobe essentials that are only required and not wanted.

Keeping Fashion Budget In Check

  • Keep track of the amount of money spent on clothing and fix a budget plan. Ensure the priorities and expenses stick to it.
  • Know the body type and proper measurements of the body, waist, chest and other areas. It’s better to be careful in buying clothes that fit rather than stockpiling those unfitting to the body type.
  • Take opinions of friends, shoppers and guides in the shop. They’ll provide more useful insight into whether the dress fits or not.

Must-have Essentials in the Wardrobe

1. Comfort Wear: Usually designated for regular usage, tops for women and also blouses for them can come under this category for everyday use. Being very versatile, one can use them for a quick stroll in the park to a walk to that favourite coffee shop. They always come in handy no matter the occasion. They are most comfortable to wear and look stunning in all body types. As such, they are appropriately every woman’s favourite clothing.

Every top design is tailored in such a way that it suits the body type of the customer. They also go very well with jeans, leggings or pants.

Choosing the right type of sleeve can also have an impact on how the top blends. The different types of sleeve include:

  • Cap
  • Cuffed
  • Batwing
  • Bell
  • Bishop
  • Cutout

2. Black And Red: Both of these colours are a definite must for a diverse wardrobe. Colours like these can blend in easily in any party function or a gathering. Being classic colours, it’s a very rare chance that they won’t go unnoticed.

3. Maxi: These are long dresses that can reach floor length. Gowns come under these categories. Maxi dresses bring out the elegance of a dress in a woman. Plus, they can go with any seasonal look.

4. Pattern: Whether it’s floral or otherwise, one can use patterned dresses as a light touch of colour for every occasion.

5. Off Shoulders: These help in flaunting the shoulders to get a neat beautiful look. A standard essential in every woman’s closet, these types are usually a spring or summer aesthetic dress.

6. Shirt Dress: Mostly used as informal attire, it is usually worn to dates and memorable occasions and is one of the best alternatives in a wardrobe.

7. Night Out: Specially designated for parties and dances, it is a must-have for going to clubs and drinks.

8. Sheath: A versatile dress that can be used for any business meeting or going out for an evening date. A very dynamic dress that can look good on any body type and one can wear them for any occasion.

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