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Put All Your Important PDF Files In One Place By Doing This



While creating folders is still the normal thing to do, there is a better alternative. Organizing your essential pdf files prevents clutter. If you’re writing for work, your documents or desktop become crowded over time. Folders, subfolders, and unsorted files take space. This can hamper productivity. If you’re someone who deals with contracts and hands out fliers or digital posters, then there is an excellent way to do them. And note that this doesn’t require you to uninstall any software. Note that you don’t even have to install any program on your computer. The steps are easy.

PDF Bear: Merges PDF Files To Remove Clutter

Easy steps on how to merge pdf files using PDF Bear is straightforward and easy. PDF Bear is an online tool used by professionals. It is a powerful PDF converter that helps bloggers, marketers, advertisers, and those in the legal and medical fields boost their productivity. You can now do many things like a convert, merge, split, add numbered pages, and so much more by employing this tool. PDF Bear is available online. Unlike some PDF converters, there is no need for running and installing software on your computer. This frees your machine of disk space and processing tasks. The tool is available in the free and pro version. The free version is for those who do a one-time thing or just casual conversion.

PDF Bear Pro Version

If you are searching for a great PDF tool to help you with large documents, then switching to pro is a reasonable decision. The pro version comes with several advantages:

  1. PDF Bear pro allows unlimited storage space on the cloud. PDF Bear cloud technology is one of the most secure and stable technologies around. If your computer is getting old, then you know how files can eat disk space. This situation will make your computer perform slowly. Over time, your computer will prove to be unusable. PDF files are modest in file size, but over time they can accumulate. Before you know it, your desktop or documents folder is so cluttered it is hard to sort things out. PDF Bear frees you the storage burden.
  2. PDF Bear is faster. The reason is that the processes happen in the cloud. When you run multiple browser taps or programs, your computer heats up and starts to crawl. PDF Bear removes these issues by doing the task in its database. You have a faster conversion or merging process.
  3. PDF Bear pro offers customer and tech support. With PDF Bear, this is good news for those who work on corporate files and big data. If issues happen along the way, then you can seek help. This makes working on tasks using PDF Bear satisfying and full of ease.
  4. PDF Bear pro offers security with your files. Your converted files will stay in your cloud cabinet. They are encrypted. No one has access to them. When something serious happens to your computer, then you have a backup copy of your precious documents. Retaining a copy of your merged documents allows you the ease of future modification. The free version deletes your files after an hour.

Steps in Merging Your Files with PDF Bear

  1. You need a working browser such as Chrome or Safari to get into the official PDF Bear site.
  2. Once you are there, you look for “Merge PDF,” which is easy to locate. You click on that and wait for a new page to open.
  3. A tool page will open, allowing you to upload all the documents that you want to be combined. You can choose the documents that you want to merge or combine. You will be able to see them in the tool site’s interface. The site will scan your documents. You can rearrange them first before clicking “merge,” and it will take a short while.
  4. The merged file is then available for download to your computer. You can also share it on your DropBox while retaining a copy on the database.

The pro version allows unlimited uploads, downloads, and any task. With PDF Bear, you only need stable wifi connectivity. With PDF Bear, you can do as many tasks as you want without restriction. This advantage will boost your productivity at work. You are also using a tool that is powerful, simple, and secured.


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