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Sayings That Originated in Gambling



Gambling is something that has been a lot of controversy since time immemorial. People always have an opinion about gambling, but that has not stopped them from being fascinated by the game. There have been saying that have originated in gambling and people have been using them in their daily lives, without knowing the origins. Not only regular people, but various authors and singers have also used these sayings in their works and made them more popular.

Below is a list of some popular sayings that originated in gambling, along with their meaning.

Quit while you’re ahead

This is a saying that almost all of us used at some point or the other in our lives. Its meaning is extremely simple, which is to stop gambling before you ruin something. The origin of this saying is not known, however, this saying can be used to communicate the possibility that one should quit doing something that is remunerating however unsafe before something awful occurs. This saying is not at all new, as the Spanish Jesuit priest Baltasar Gracián y Morales (1601 – 1658) used this saying in his book.

Place your cards on the table

At the point when we are advised to put all our cards on the table, we are truly being approached to exhibit our actual aims while making every effort possible. When one person says this to the other, it asks them to be transparent, uncover one’s position or expectations. The person asks the other party to talk sincerely and transparently about your contemplations and goals, particularly when these have been a mystery as of not long ago. It is ordinarily utilized in business or exchanges to construe straightforwardness. This saying has been around since the mid-1900s.

Ace up One’s Sleeve

The person having an ace up to his sleeve is said to have a secret strength or surprise plan. It stands for an authoritative and every so often secret weapon, benefit, etc., which can be used if it is required. It is a mention of cheating at a card game by concealing a promising card up one’s sleeve.

The harder I work the luckier I get.

You are wrong if you thought that this saying came from South African golf legend Gary Player. Appears to be the first statement came from Thomas Jefferson who stated, “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” People love this saying because it so obviously clarifies their position on luck, which is you make your karma.

Play One’s Ace

This saying stands for utilizing an asset that one knows or expectations will guarantee a conclusive and fruitful result. It is an arrangement or snippet of data left well enough alone until it gets important to utilize it.

He is a card

This saying can be used in different contexts. If you call someone a card, it means they are humorous or quick-witted. It is used for someone who is an erratic or odd joker. Charles Dickens used this saying in his novels in different contexts and at different times. People believe that while writing, he was playing cards in his mind. This saying has infinite possibilities.

Break the Bank

This saying stands for something extravagant. The expression is regularly utilized in the negative to pass on the inverse.

Don’t think you can palm off those old pretzels on me

There are many clarifications for this old saying. If you state that somebody has palmed something off, you feel irritated because they have caused you to acknowledge it even though it isn’t significant or isn’t your duty. It appears it originally showed up in English, in 1822, concerning a magician’s stunt. A crowd of people is presented an item, ordinarily a playing card or silver dollar. The entertainer at that point conceals it in his palm as he creates another item, like a quarter or an alternate card of lesser worth.

You can’t read my poker face

This saying was created before the 2008 release of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. We have all well used a poker face at some time in different circumstances. Having a poker face is an important ability for poker players. Master guidance for pulling off the ideal poker face is contemplating how your play will look to your adversary. What’s a pleasant part? You will put on your acting cap by pondering how you would play the hand if you truly had the cards that would beat them. At that point thoroughly consider it from beginning to end so your activities are steady and authentic.

It’s in every case best to rehearse your poker face in a mirror before giving it a shot without a doubt. In case you’re new to the game, another approach to rehearsing your face is to play at an online gambling club. Along these lines, your rivals can’t peruse your facial responses.





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