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The Importance Of Organizational Development



What’s the secret to a successful business? Some might suggest a quality product or service, competitive prices, or positive customer experiences. Although these factors play a role, there’s more to a company’s longevity and success. The most prolific businesses have learned the importance of focusing on improved productivity through continual review and adaption of their strategies, structure, people, and management processes, better known as organizational development.

What Is Organizational Development?

Organizational development (OD) is an evolving scientific process used by businesses to enhance their ability to change and improve effectiveness. It involves using science-based practices to develop and better company structures and processes. While the primary focus of OD will vary by organization, it often includes aspects such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and financial performance.

Why Is Organizational Development Beneficial?

How does working with a professional with a Master’s or Doctorate in Organizational Development benefit businesses? Continue reading to learn more.

Continued Growth

One of the main advantages of organizational development for businesses is the potential for continued growth. When used consistently, the OD process involves a cycle of planning, implementing, evaluating, monitoring, and improving. Organizational development keeps companies on top of what works and what doesn’t to keep making changes to evolve with the times.

Streamlines Processes

Organizational development involves analyzing company processes. When applied efficiently, OD can shed light on the effectiveness and accuracy of a practice or procedure. Companies can identify outdated methods, overlap, and staffing needs to develop solutions that enable operations to run more smoothly. Streamlining processes ultimately saves money and enhances productivity within the organization.

Effective Communication

When the lines of communication break down in an organization, morale, productivity, and quality customer service suffer. Poor communication causes teams to fall apart, reduces management’s awareness of internal issues, and complicates forward progression towards company goals. Ultimately, production slows, product and service quality decreases, customer satisfaction declines, and profits cease.

Organizational development breaks communication barriers by identifying existing systems and processes problems. It can aid companies in creating an open communication method that encourages collaboration and connection between teams and management.

Employee Satisfaction And Development

The most successful brands utilize OD to enhance employee satisfaction and development. When employees’ needs are met and they have the necessary training, knowledge, and resources to perform their jobs efficiently, they are more productive.

An organization with an efficient open communication policy can improve employee relations. Employees feel more comfortable addressing needs and concerns with management to evoke change. When management uses this information to make adjustments, it boosts morale, satisfaction, and productivity. Organizational development practices also work to develop better training and education opportunities to help employees improve their performance.

Better Products And Services

OD doesn’t just focus on internal factors like company practices. It also assesses external factors like competitors and consumer trends. Through competitive analysis, market research, and consumer reviews, organizational development can assist brands in finetuning their products and services to meet current needs and demand.

Organizational development can also contribute to better products and services through a company’s most valuable asset, its employees. When employees feel valued by their employers and confident in their positions, they’re more likely to make suggestions or use their talents to improve business offerings.

Increased Profits

Organizational development helps companies maximize their profits. When a company constantly improves productivity, streamlines processes, reduces waste, and invests in employee satisfaction and growth, profit margins increase. The organization as a whole is more efficient. The improved efficiency attracts and retains customers. Repeat and new purchases result in a positive cash flow. Ultimately, the funds are reinvested into the business, and the cycle continues, leading to prolonged success.

There will always be internal and external factors that change the business landscape. Although there is nothing anyone can do to control these changes, companies can ensure they remain prepared to adjust. Organizational development is an essential component in the continued success of businesses. By using scientific-based organizational development strategies, brands can continue implementing changes that keep their companies moving forward.


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