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The oil and gas industry at a glance



If you’re interested in discovering some of the latest developments in the oil and gas industry, continue reading. As you’ll discover everything that you need to know about the rapid changes which are currently occurring in the oil and gas industry.

Innovative new sensors are being adopted by the oil and gas industry:

The pressure sensors and transmitters which are commonly used in the oil and gas industry are rapidly becoming far more advanced. As a result of recent developments in sensor technology.

Investment in nuclear fusion:

In the past few months a growing number of prominent, high profile oil and gas companies have elected to start investing in nuclear fusion. One example of which is Chevron. Who believes that nuclear fusion may be a low carbon future energy source. The fact that more oil and gas companies are interested in the possibility of nuclear fusion, is not surprising as both industries have been searching for fossil free alternatives to oil and gas for many years.

Suncorp decides to cease coverage of oil companies:

A major Australian insurer Suncorp, has just made the decision to cease coverage of all oil and gas companies, which they previously covered. A decision which will be fully implemented by 2025. Furthermore, industry analysts and insurance analysts both predict that Suncorp has set a precedent and that insurance companies around the globe will also elect to cease covering oil and gas companies.

Thousands of oil and gas workers have lost their drives as a result of the recent pandemic:

Unfortunately thousands of US oil and gas workers have lost their jobs as a direct result of the recent pandemic. Many individuals who lost their jobs due to COVID19 were offered jobs creating pharmaceutical products as many of the qualifications and certifications which are required by the pharmaceutical industry are held by oil and gas workers.

Rapid digitalisation has put the oil and gas industry in a compromising position:

As the oil and gas industry have integrated digitisation into their operations in order to bring the industry into the digital age, the industry is increasingly at risk of being targeted by cyber attacks. An issue which companies within the industry are seeking to combat using more advanced digital security solutions.

IBM invests in the oil and gas industry:

You may be surprised to learn that the computer company IBM has just invested a significant amount of money in the oil and gas industry. By creating a brand new digital platform which will help oil and gas companies access real time industry data. So it’s well worth keeping up to date with IBM related oil and gas news.

How to find frequent industry updates:

For even more up to date information on the changes which are quickly occurring in the oil and gas industry make sure to visit this website. As its invaluable resource for those who wish to keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

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