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The Top 3 Reasons Why People Prefer Retro Games Over Modern Games



Over the years, games have become more in-depth and complicated, while graphics have continued to improve. In addition, advanced technologies such as AR and VR are now being implemented widely within the gaming industry and storylines are of the same caliber as those we see in Hollywood movies. Just look at the likes of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed and you will get an idea as to how convoluted games are becoming, given that they are now inspiring writers and directors in LA.

With that in mind, does this mean the retro game is dead? The quick answer: absolutely not.

While these popular video games have been pulling in new gamers, there remain a lot of gamers out there who would much prefer to keep playing retro-style games over some of the new and more ludicrous releases. Given the huge developments that have been made in gaming, what’s the appeal of retro gaming and how has it remained so popular after years on the market?

The Simplicity Allows for More Accessible Escapism

A lot of people play video games as a means of escapism, but when the rules behind them are complex and there are a huge amount of variables involved, some players struggle to get properly immersed. As a result, a lot of people are much happier to play more retro games such as those on bingo sites, where the rules have already been established for years and they are immediately accessible and fun without having to learn a catalog of rules.

Games such as bingo originated hundreds of years ago and have withstood the test of time by being adapted to new audiences. For example, a few decades ago, it was culturally appropriate to play bingo in bingo halls, whilst in the modern era, a lot of gameplay is now based online to accommodate the fact that most gamers will own a smartphone or laptop. The format of the game is the same, however, and players can slip into a game whenever they feel like with the accessibility at their fingertips. For this reason, it’s no surprise that bingo remains a firm favorite with the masses.

The Music Used is Unique

As many gamers are aware, recent releases tend to be accompanied by unbelievable soundtracks, the likes of which have been created by acclaimed artists and orchestras. These soundtracks are integral for building an immersive atmosphere for gamers, and this can often be an alluring factor for those who opt for modern-day releases over older games. Nonetheless, whilst some may find this to be a selling point, there are others who prefer the simplistic charm of the music found in retro games.

This charm stems from the fact that retro game developers made their own genre known as chiptune. This sound sparks feelings of excitement and nostalgia in gamers that keeps drawing them back to the world of retro.

The Fact That Retro Games Do Not Require as Many Updates

There are a lot of developments in modern games and whilst these can be a good thing, they can dampen the gaming experience as every time you turn on your console there is another update needed in order to play. With a lot of retro games, there is no need to continue to update them and instead, you can simply enjoy playing them the minute they are turned on. This is sometimes referred to as plug-and-play.

Why Do People Still Love Retro Games?

Even in the face of the developing world of gaming, there are still people out there who would much prefer to dive into the realm of retro. There are many reasons for this but some of the main factors are their simplicity, the jingly familiarity of their chiptune accompaniments, and also the fact that you can just plug and play.


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