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The ultimate buying guide for restaurant booths



Making your autonomous restaurant distinct may be challenging with an enterprise of above a million functioning restaurants. But, it is a supreme preference for the customers who wish to construct it. Consuming good food is a significant component, yet the restaurant’s atmosphere is essential. Customers will get a good impression when they enter the restaurant and settle down. So choosing suitable restaurant booths is critical to success.

A comprehensive guide on choosing and purchasing restaurant booths to make customers comfortable is given below:

How many restaurant booths will you get?

The result of this question largely depends on the size of your space. You will need to measure the square footage of your restaurant, determine how much space the booth will occupy, and how much space you can comfortably accommodate in the restaurant.

Consulting an expert is an excellent way to ensure you maintain adequate space between restaurant booths. This also ensures that you get the measurements and numbers right, so you don’t run into problems during installation.

Select the appropriate size of restaurant booths.

It’s always essential to find out the size of the restaurant booth. The vital factor to look at here is the length of the booth. Many of the restaurant booths are about 48 inches in height, but customize them according to the required size of your choice.

Give every person a minimum of 24 inches of the dining area to keep your booth comfortable. Consider the number of customers you need to fit in a particular booth and calculate the proper square footage that permits customers to occupy that area.

Next, you have to select the height of the booths. The standard size is 43 inches, but you may choose even 36 inches when required. Long back seats are more comfortable as they support your guests’ heads to assist them in sitting comfortably and enjoying the food.

Choose the shape of restaurant booths.

You don’t have to measure your square footage to choose the finest restaurant booths for your area. It would help if you also considered the shape that will suit your space.

If you intend to keep corner restaurant booths that can accommodate large parties, you may desire to create L-shaped booths. Open booths in hexagon shapes are also a good choice. While the remaining booths around the perimeter of your area are rectangular in shape, big corner restaurant booths act as an aesthetic contrast. They are functional for more customers.

U-shaped restaurant booths are an excellent option for customers who place their booths in the center point of the restaurant. It’s three traditional linear booths driven and stitched together to form a three-sided U shape.

These booths are suitable for restaurants that need to give customers a sense of privacy. U-shaped booths are essential if you operate a fine dining restaurant or wish to offer a better dining experience.

Decide on the material.

After understanding the size and shape of the restaurant booths, it’s a moment to consider the materials to choose. It is vital to ensure your area possesses the high-quality aesthetic you desire. It is also significant since it finds whether your customers will feel cozy with the fabric of their seats.

Vinyl restaurant booths

However, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is more than a skin substitute. It is excellent booth material in itself. Vinyl is comfortable and versatile, so you can add plenty of padding to your seating area without worrying about fraying or exploding.

Another significant benefit of vinyl is that it is easy to customize. It’s easy to mass produce different colors and patterns, so your restaurant can have a consistent brand image.

Leather restaurant booths

Leather is the most famous restaurant booth material since it is elegant and high quality. It’s also durable, making it safe for the many people who sit on it daily. It is effortless to maintain as you rub it with a damp cloth.

But the practical disadvantage of leather material is its cost. But, you may eliminate this problem by selecting synthetic leather. One more durable seating choice is made of PVC or polyurethane.

Although this material is slightly less refined than leather, you can easily mimic the appearance of natural leather. It is enough to select the right color and style to look how you prefer it.

Linen cloth restaurant booths

Linen is an excellent choice for your restaurant booth if you use all-natural substances and wish to depict the brand’s eco-friendly values. This enduring fabric is obtained straight from the “flax plant.” The end product is more breathable, cozy, and long-lasting.

Where to buy the best restaurant booths?

Restaurant Furniture Plus has been building our expertise in the field of restaurant furniture since we started the company in 2012. So, if you’re looking for restaurant booths that will make your restaurant look great, withstand years of commercial use, and are at a price you can afford, look no further than Restaurant Furniture Plus.

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