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Tips for Getting Ready for Your Child’s Prom Season



As prom season for your child approaches, you aren’t just preparing for the child’s dance, you will be getting ready for the rest of their lives. After prom, graduation isn’t far away. Whether you have been through this before or are going through this stage for the first time, it is a crucial and exciting period for the whole family. You might think it’s nothing to make a big deal about, but the time leading up to prom and the period after is significant for any high school senior. Below are some tips to get ready for your child’s prom season.

Talk to Your Child

Prom night is infamous for a few things. The dance itself may be tame, but the parties after are some of the first times that high school seniors let loose. You should talk to your child about the dangers of the night, but you should also be realistic. Do they plan on drinking? Who will drive? What about drugs? Who do they plan on going to the prom with? Where will they go afterward? Explaining to them that they will have a whole life to explore, and experiment is important. It doesn’t have to happen all in one night. As the time leads up to prom, you should help them plan.

Keep in Mind You Will Likely Pay for It

Prom isn’t cheap. Between the ticket, the suit or dress, the ride with friends, the dinner, and whatever else they may indulge in, you will probably end up paying the tab for the bill. Girls might want to get their makeup professionally done. Google prom makeup artist near me and you will see how expensive it can be. Unless your child is hyper-diligent, they probably don’t have the money for it. You should talk to them about what it costs and what that means to you. Understanding the cost of the evening will help them appreciate it more. You can also use prom as a warning that you won’t be paying for socializing anymore once they graduate.

Emphasize the Future

The night of prom isn’t necessarily the thing that you should focus on. It’s about everything that comes after. Once prom is over, the rest of the school year seems smaller. It won’t be long until the year is over, and your child will be done with high school. Prom is a rite of passage. You should keep it on your mind because your child will be going through a lot of different emotions and experiences. The future will become much more real when prom is over. You and your child should be aware that this is the beginning of the end of their high school experience.

Help them Focus on their Goals

The prom and all that comes with it can get in the way of the reality of the coming months. Your child is probably getting ready for college. That’s what really matters. High school isn’t as significant as it used to be. College is more important these days. Whether your child is going away or staying at home, it is a time they should be focused on their goals. Keeping their eyes on the prize is necessary. Don’t allow prom to get in the way. They should enjoy their time, but it’s only one night of their lives. In time, they will come to realize that.

Have the Uncomfortable Conversation

Prom is the night that many young people choose to experiment with sexual intimacy for the first time. You should have that uncomfortable conversation with your child. You can be clear that you aren’t saying they can’t do what they want to do with their body but explaining that there are many results and that there could be consequences. Emphasize safety and consent, and point them in the direction of resources that can help make the experience safer for them. While you can’t stop your teen, you can at least have a candid conversation with them about their potential plans.

The prom season is a strange, wonderful time. It is when teenagers take the plunge into adulthood. They are likely turning 18, going to college, having their first drink, and exploring life and all that it has to offer. These above tips will help you get ready for your child’s prom season. It is time to help them move on throughout life.


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