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Top 3 reasons why snow removal yourself makes perfect sense



Winter packs are full and depending on where you live; snow is very likely to accumulate in your parking lots, driveways and on your roofs. The risks of slip and fall, and damage to your roof become your main concerns. As we have a heavy snow each year living in the Winnipeg. You may face the question, “Should I remove snow myself or use a professional Winnipeg snow removal service?”.

Here are some reasons why you should do It yourself:

Save the money

you can pay a high price for a snow removal service. Specially some companies typically charge hourly rates after a snowfall or storm. Additionally, these companies may charge additional fees for reasons such as:

  • Snow removal from the roof
  • Length of parking areas or aisles
  • Type of equipment required
  • Response time
  • Location of your residence (rural, urban)
  • Average annual snowfall

Clear snow according to your schedule

You are knee-deep in the snow and want to clear it. Unfortunately, companies that offer snow removal services will not always consider your plans and the urgency of the situation. They naturally prioritize commercial snow removal over the residential sector. Companies also take into account their overall workload, available staff and their schedules. All these factors mean that you can wait several days or even weeks before getting an appointment with a snow plough, which is not reassuring when you notice that your roof shows signs of snow accumulation or that ice dams are forming. In these cases, tools such as a snow plough or a roof shovel become excellent alternatives.


Snow removal can be a great workout! If your physical condition allows it and you have the green light from your healthcare professional, clearing snow from your parking lot, driveway and roof will speed up your heart rate and tone your muscles. According to Harvard Medical School, with the right tools and the right technique, snow removal can burn about 233 calories per 30 minutes of activity, depending on your weight, age and metabolism. If done properly, snow removal can be done safely without risk of injury.

With the right tools, snow removal yourself is not as complicated as you might think. On the other hand, snow removal companies work according to their schedules and often offer exorbitant prices. Taking these elements into account, taking care of your snow removal yourself can make sense and save you money.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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