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Top 5 Motivational Websites To Inspire You To Hustle



motivational websites

Thanks to the Internet, motivational websites are now at our disposal if we ever need a pick-me-up. We now have access to unlimited knowledge and resources that we can use for additional learning, lifestyle inspiration, or a productivity motivator. 

Clearly, browsing through so much content can be quite overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed down our list of top 5 motivational websites to help you get started:


  • The School of Life
    How can you change your life for the better? The School of Life, an educational website and global organization co-founded by intellectual Alain de Botton, emphasizes the need to understand ourselves so that we can create better decisions eventually. The blog offers a wide range of classes, videos, and write-ups on how to live well and handle relationships better. What’s more exciting is that the virtual experience can be communal, as the site offers friends membership and social events.


  • The DO Lectures
    The DO Lecture’s philosophy is simple: to gather the stories of the world’s doers so that they may inspire others to go forth and do, as well. The self-proclaimed “encouragement network” provides helpful tools in the form of talks, lectures, reading lists, and a podcast.  If you’re looking for content to re-ignite the passion within you, then check out this motivational website. 





  • TED Talks
    Undoubtedly, TED Talks hold the most accessible and influential videos from global experts on creativity, education, tech, business, and culture, to name a few. The first-ever TED Talk was done in 1984. However, it only caught traction during the late ‘90s to early 2000s, so much so that in 2007, the TED website was launched. To this day, the motivational website posts 3-5 videos per week, holding space for “ideas worth spreading”.


  • MasterClass
    What better way to be inspired to put in the work than hearing lectures and stories from your favorite field professionals? MasterClass offers online classes hosted by world-famous instructors such as Annie Leibovitz for photography, Neil Gaiman for Fiction Writing, Helen Mirren for acting, Gordon Ramsay for cooking, and many others. The site comes with a $15 monthly subscription (billed annually), so if you want to opt for something free, you may check out their articles on a variety of subjects instead.

  • Millennial Money
    For millennials and Gen Zers, adulting works differently. Not only are we faced with greater economic obstacles, but we also have to deal with a shifting workforce culture. It has now become common practice to develop side gigs or start personal businesses in addition to working a typical 9-5 job. If you’re looking into starting a side hustle, Millennial Money offers topics mainly on financial know-hows: from building passive income, saving, investing, and even planning for retirement. It’s comforting to have a go-to motivational website that not only emboldens you to grow financially but also equips you with the knowledge to get there.



Motivation helps you identify your goals so that you know where you’re headed. 

In the same way, these websites offer you the nuggets of wisdom you need to focus and get right back on track. Read more motivational quotes on reaching your career goals!

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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