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What Actually Happens in a Couples Therapy Session?



Over 97% of couples get help from therapy. What does this information tell us? You’re likely to steer your relationship in the right direction when attending sessions as partners.

Your therapist will work with you, regardless of whether to fix an issue or find a suitable outcome. However, attending therapy is the most challenging step toward mending relationships.

How can therapy help your relationship? Read on to see what to expect in the first therapy session and beyond that.

Get to Know the Couple

Your therapist will focus on getting to know you in the first therapy session. They’ll ask questions to learn your background and understand your priorities.

The therapist will also discuss the history of your relationship issues. Be as honest and transparent as possible. They need to know the truth to develop an effective plan and timeline.

There’s little “therapy” going on at the first session. However, it lays the foundation for the succeeding ones. The therapist prepares an environment to encourage you and your partner to express feelings without holding back.

Develop Goals

Developing goals is one of the most crucial parts of a couples therapy session. What do you want to get out of this experience? Both opinions matter since you’ll do this step as partners.

You don’t have to be too anxious about it. After all, you can develop a new goal further into the therapy. It can evolve once you dig more into your relationship.

After discussing your issues and goals, your therapist will develop a timeline. Some couples only need a few months of therapy, while others may continue attending sessions throughout their relationships. It can be effective outside of a crisis, too.

Identify the Root Problems

Relationship issues often stem from deeper individual problems. Lack of intimacy or constant arguing might be symptoms of underlying complications.

You can go into a therapy session thinking you have an intimacy issue. The actual problem could be the lack of trust and communication. The therapist needs to talk to you as a couple and individually to determine the root cause.

Learn New Skills

Couples therapy will help you and your partner to work on your issues. For that to happen, you need the proper tools.

Therapy can help you learn new skills to improve your relationship. For example, you can become a better communicator after undergoing sessions.

Some couples already have these skills but may have forgotten how to use them due to stress. They can rediscover the importance of these virtues through therapy. They’ll also learn some stress management techniques at the same time.

That’s why it’s also necessary to attend premarital counseling. It can help you prepare for a whole new life together.

Learn More About a Couples Therapy Session

These are only a glimpse of what you can experience in a couples therapy session. Each relationship is unique, meaning your therapist may use a different process.

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