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What Are the Best Types of Relaxation Massage?



Did you know that you can effectively treat chronic conditions such as back pain by getting regular massages?

Every human culture throughout human history has practiced some kind of massage. Not only does getting regular massages help you feel more relaxed, it’s a practice that can also effectively treat chronic conditions such as pain.

Since there are so many types of massage, it’s easy to feel confused about which is right for you. To help you out we’ve created a short guide about the most important kinds of relaxation massage. If you want to find more, keep reading.

Swedish Massage

If you are trying to figure out how to relax, then you should consider getting a Swedish massage. This is one of the few massage techniques that embrace the art of using long strokes that are paired with giving pressure to the body. You’ll leave your sessions feeling envigorated and lighter.

There are five different techniques that most therapeutic massage practitioners will make use of: stroking, kneading, rubbing, pounding, and vibration.

Sports Massages

If you are an athlete, this is one of the types of massages that you should consider getting on a regular basis. With this being said, you don’t need to play sports to receive the benefits of this massage therapy.

A sports massage therapist will focus their efforts on loosening tension in your joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues.

Sports massages actually make use of various other types of massage techniques which include Swedish massage. Those who regularly receive sports massages report that they sleep better, become more flexible, and are happier.

Shiatsu Massage

This massage technique has a long history that dates back to ancient Japan. It’s a more intensive technique than others types of massage you might be familiar with. Your therapist will probably use their knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet to bring relief to tight muscles in your body.

A Shiatsu massage therapist works with what is known as Qi, which is a type of energy flow. The goal of a shiatsu massage is to free blockages that are holding qi from flowing freely through the body.


This technique is also called zone therapy. When you get this type of massage, expect the practitioner to apply various levels of pressure to your hands, feet, and ears.

According to the tradition that gave rise to reflexology, every part of your body connects to certain organs and body systems. This is why people who suffer from chronic health conditions such as Crohn’s disease will visit reflexologists to help them out.

Choose a Type of Relaxation Massage That Works Best for You

There are many great types of relaxation massage. If you’re interested in working with a technique with a long history, consider getting a shiatsu massage. If you are an athlete who needs help to recuperate, it’s a good idea to get a sports massage.

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