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What Are Drug Possession Bail Bonds and What Happens When You Get Arrested For Taking Drugs?



There are various crimes for which bail bonds are applied and drug possession is one of them. Federal and State laws never allow the possession, selling, and manufacturing of controlled substances. Drugs can be divided into different levels, known as schedules. Here are some of the bail bonds to get relief when you are arrested for possessing drugs.

Examples of Controlled Substances and Illegal Possession of Drugs

  • Possession of medicines without prescription
  • illegal Possession of Ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin
  • Illegal possession of drugs within your prescriptions

What happens when you get arrested for taking drugs?

When you get arrested for taking drugs, you will be taken to the police station for a questionnaire. The interview process will include fingerprints, photographs, and lots more required for bail bonds. For normal arrest, you can just pay the bail amount and get released to go to your home. But when the case is a bit severe, you should remain in jail for 2 days until the days of arraignment. When required, you can also be shifted to a larger facility.

Felony Drug Possession

The degree of seriousness depends on the schedule type and amount of the drugs. These drugs may have highly addictive features and therefore dangerous in nature. For example, codeine drugs are mostly used for cough syrups.

Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 drugs may include





Possession Intent With Of Distributing or Selling

Castle bail bonds suggest not keeping a huge amount of stock of drugs with you. When you are caught with a large number of drugs, law enforcement will surely suspect that you have intentions to sell them. For example, if you are carrying a bag of marijuana in your car for your personal use, you will be charged with possession or selling it.

Can You Get Arrested For Possessing Marijuana?

Possession of Marijuana is not considered a serious charge in the US right now. But in some countries, possession of marijuana is considered a serious offense. The degree of the charges depends on how much amount of Marijuana has been caught.

Bail for Drug Possession Charges

The amount of bail for drug possession depends on various factors like whether they are felony possession or misdemeanor. Felony drug charges are high compared to misdemeanor charges. Felony charges also demand in staying in jail before the judge sets the bail.

What to do if bail cannot be afforded?

When you cannot pay the full bail amount, you can just post a bond that is only 10% of the total amount and also guarantees the full amount if the defendant fails to show up on scheduled court dates.

No Money to Post Bonds?

When you do not have money for posting bonds, you can contact bail bond agencies who can act as your guarantors and help you in your time of need.


Drug possession bail bonds can help to keep you out of jail even if you are caught with huge amounts of drugs. As the bonds act as your guarantor, you should promise to appear before the court for legal proceedings.

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