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What Are The Best Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking?



There is evidence to suggest that strong strategic thinking skills help people excel in certain areas of their lives. In business, for instance, successful entrepreneurs are able to use these skills to identify the best courses of action for their company. Many people want to improve their strategic thinking skills, but may be unsure of the best ways to go about it. Luckily, there are some enjoyable ways to sharpen this skillset online. Indeed, you can master strategy without even realising that you’re learning.


To the uninitiated, blackjack may seem like a game of chance. Indeed, there are some aspects about the game that are out of the player’s control. However, there is also the possibility to go into the game with a plan of action and a strategy that helps to tip the odds in your favour. There is irrefutable evidence that players with strong strategical thinking skills can prevail at blackjack. This is highlighted by the likes of Stu Ungar who, along with being one of the best poker players ever, was highly adroit at blackjack.

Players can easily work on and develop their blackjack skills in an online scenario where there are hundreds of games available at any time. You can easily search for blackjack games based on your location. For example, online blackjack players in India can use Asiabet to find sites to play at in the country. It shows all the various bonuses on offer, along with some key points about each online casino. Using a guide like this means that players can instantly find trusted sites without having to do the legwork themselves.

Blackjack players need to have a strategy in place that dictates how they act in different situations. A lot of this comes down to the cards that they receive in relation to the dealer’s upcard. They need to know when to split, double, and when to bet bigger amounts. All this is done by following a clear plan of action.


Chess is probably the ultimate game for developing strategical thinking skills, and there is no limit to the amount of practice someone can put into it. Thanks to the rise of online chess sites and the popular Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit, the classic pastime is making a serious comeback. 65 million people streamed the series which starred Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth Harmon in its first two months. A lot of these people then flocked to sites like to work on their own skills.

Using an online site like that can be a great way to get good in a short space of time. It has lessons, puzzles, and various difficulty levels to suit all ranges of player. It even has a new feature that allows players to take on Harmon at the various ages she was portrayed in the Netflix series.

Chess players need to learn the core principles of developing pieces, controlling the centre, and protecting the king. From there, they can study openings and work on their own favoured strategies. Careful and patient planning is required as players need to think of their own moves while also considering what their opponent is trying to do.


Massive multiplayer online games are among the most popular offerings on mobile, with Clash of Clans being a prime example. The offering from Supercell has made more than $7 billion in revenue from the millions of players that enjoy it. The success of this game led to numerous other multiplayer strategy games that followed the same principles.

These MMOs require players to employ strategic thinking on a number of levels. For example, if they choose not to pay the premium prices for upgrades, they need to carefully plan the order of actions that they perform. Other things that need acute planning involve conducting strategically organised raids on opposing clans in order to take over their territory and resources. This requires collaboration and forward-thinking from the players.

Playing these games isn’t just fun, it’s actually beneficial for your other pursuits in life. If you can develop strong critical thinking skills, you can apply these to business, relationships, and other aspects of your existence that you may want to improve.

I'm Nikos Alepidis, blogger at motivirus. I'm passioned for all things related to motivation & personal development. My goal is to help and inspire people to become better.

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