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What is a shortfill e-liquid?



Those new to the world of vaping may feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of options, variety and different ranges on show. From choosing a vape kit that suits your style to picking the right nic preferences, it takes a little time to navigate the endless possibilities and find your feet. An area of e-liquids that you may have stumbled across is shortfills – a type of e-liquid many vapers use to save on cash and increase the amount of e-liquid they can store. But what exactly are shortfills and what are the main reasons both new and old vapers should give them a go?

What is the difference between a normal e-liquid and a shortfill?

As opposed to the standard bottles of e-liquid, shortfills are e-liquids that contain 0% nicotine. On top of their 0% nicotine content, shortfills also come in much larger bottles due to their lack of nicotine regulation. The main reason why many vapers decide to choose shortfill e-liquids instead of regular e-liquid is because every bottle is filled short. This gives vapers the space to add their own shots of nicotine and find a balance that suits their tastes. Once mixed, shortfills can be used in exactly the same way as regular e-liquids when filling up your tank. The flavour profiles of the e-liquid are also identical, meaning that you don’t have to ditch your favourite profiles in order to use shortfills either.

How can I use shortfills?

Fortunately, shortfills are incredibly easy to use, offering you a much higher volume of vape juice in every one of your favourite flavours. All you have to do to use a shortfill is grab a nicotine shot (or nic salts, if you’re more used to a lighter throat hit) and check guidelines online to ensure you’re achieving the right levels. When you’re comfortable with the amount of nicotine you want to add, remove the cap and gradually squeeze the nic shot into the shortfill. Once you’ve replaced the cap and safely cleaned up, it’s time to shake and vape! Spend about five minutes shaking your shortfill to ensure everything is mixed up and voila – you have an e-liquid that you can put into your device immediately. However, leaving your shortfill out for half an hour in a cool, dry place could also give your vape a more flavoursome hit.

What are the benefits of using shortfills?

On top of shortfills providing you with complete control of your nicotine levels, shortfills also have a variety of other useful benefits. As opposed to buying e-liquid in small quantities, shortfill bottles provide a much larger volume of e-liquid. While you may have to add your own nicotine shots, the price is undeniably cheaper in both the short-term and long-term. It’s always a hassle to stock up on small bottles of standard e-liquid too, but shortfills can make those moments you’re keen for a vape even rarer. The icing on the cake? Shortfills will also drastically reduce your carbon footprint, as you will be using less plastic than before.

It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your first steps on the vaping journey or you’ve been vaping for years, shortfills are an easy to use, cheap option that allows you to take back control of your experience.


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