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What is cloud telephony, and how can it boost your workforce’s flexibility?



With a pandemic continuously on the rise, the working landscape is changing faster than we thought possible. It’s more important than ever to adapt to online, remote working environments. Consequently, having employees work away from the office is becoming much simpler and more productive than it has been in the past.

Allowing employees to work from home is not necessarily to the detriment of your business – in a competitive market place, altering the way your business operates and becoming more adaptable may actually benefit you in the long run. That being said, with employees working away from the office, it is necessary that you provide them with all the tools they need in order to do their job to the best possible standard.

It appears that remote working has split workforces in two, with half believing it’s a revolutionary and modern process well overdue, while others are certain it’s something that should have remained firmly in the lockdown period, where it belongs.

Regardless of which catergory you fall into, it’s true that cloud telephony is a strong way to boost your workforce’s flexibility, whether they’re working on your premises or from the comfort (or rather discomfort) of their own home.

Enter Cloud Telephony

Today, any organisation can use integrated cloud telephony systems. Thanks to evolving communication technology and cloud solutions, remote workers can always be connected to their workplace; the functionality and constant connectivity of cloud telephony means no employee is unreachable.

In fact, cloud telephony has been a catalyst for flexible remote working, as it permits the real-time collaboration of colleagues across great distances. It’s evident that there’s been a real shift towards a more accessible and adaptable way of working – the global cloud telephony market is predicted to grow almost 20% by 2021. In the UK alone, cloud technology has grown by 75% between 2010 to 2015; only amassing more support as quarantine progresses.

Indisputably, a growing number of companies are applying flexible work arrangements through cloud telephony.

Invest in flexibility for the future

Life is messy. If you want a bright, on-the-ball workforce to sustain your company long-term, it’s important you invest in the technology that allows your employees to work both at the office, and from the comfort of their home. Cloud technology provides a vast scope of benefits for a reason – from cost optimisation to reduced sick days and the retention of employees, it’s no wonder cloud technology is on the rise.

Small businesses especially must take advantage of the rise in adaptable operations. Utilising a non-flexible, traditional business model heightens the vulnerability of your company. As an example, if you’re using outdated legacy communications equipment, you could find yourself overpaying for services you no longer need – losing workers in the process – or, worse, locked into a long-term contract that no longer fits your requirements.

Take the hosted phone system from Gamma, for example. Their technology allows you to manage your entire communications infrastructure with an award-winning cloud communications system build for business. Don’t get left behind, prepare for the future and adapt your operations now.

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