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What to Know Before Replacing Your Bathtub?



The bathtub replacement can be a huge project for you. No matter whether it is for aesthetic reasons or proper functionality, replacing your bathtub must be a rightly planned project for you.

Can I Replace My Bathtub?

Definitely, you can think of replacing your bathtub in one or two ways, either you can think of going DIY mode or hire a professional contractor to complete the task for you. Your first step in removing the old bathtub will be replacing the cast iron tub. Suppose you have got the alcove tub, then you must remove various tiles lawyer over the flange and try to remove its wall to the studs and pry old bathtub free. Make sure to disconnect any drain, overflow valve, and water supply too.

Suppose you want, you can break down the old bathtub into manageable pieces to do simple removal. You can make use of the sledgehammer that will bust up the cast iron bathtub or saw for slicing up the fiberglass or acrylic bathtub. The porcelain or enameled tubs must be removed just in a single piece. Learn more about bathtub replacement services for homeowners in Tallahassee, FL here.

Convenience & Accessibility of the Showers

Your bathtub will be very less convenient for working couples, and the older homeowners having little mobility issues. Suppose you do not like to take baths quite often, then this fixture will take up plenty of space as well as needs more cleaning that you find it tough to do on a regular basis. High bathtub walls impede simple access to your bath and shower especially when you are having a difficult time standing and lifting the legs.

Remove the Bathtub

When you think of removing your regular tub, it must not be very difficult but heavier ones will need more help. You need to take care of faucets or other paraphernalia before taking out the tub. When the tub gets removed, you need to check for the signs of any rot. Damage on your floor and surrounding walls will be present. Suppose you find any kind of damage, you must consult a professional and try to fix that issue before you think of installing your shower.

Look at the water damage behind your walls

It is one common problem that a lot of homeowners face while they carry out such projects. It can be one serious problem to think about. The trapped water behind your tub or shower will sit and mold. That depends upon where the bathroom is situated within your house, it might have done a little damage to your home’s foundation. It can be one issue that you must not try to fix on your own. In such a situation, you can contact the contractor and address the trouble for you.

Cost can be an important factor when it comes to selecting if to replace the bathtub with the shower. Suppose you have the tub and want to freshen your bathroom with some new fixtures and fitting, then you can think of a bathtub replacement with the newer one that can cost you very less.

The tiled shower will cost a bit higher and if you want to convert your tub size opening and move your plumbing to make the new shower enclosure. Obviously, if minimal rearranging has to be done, this project can be less costly for you.

Bathtub Water Usage

Bathtubs generally tend to take more water compared to the shower. The average bath uses 20 to 30 water gallons, whereas the shower uses just 10 – 20 water gallons. Suppose you have a bit of taking longer showers, then you must consider soaking quite often with less water. But, you will achieve a higher reduction in case the showers are kept a bit short.

Difficulty in Using It

The bathtub must suit your requirements; it is right there in the house and is used daily. If you find any difficulty getting in and out of the tub, unhappy with the functionality, then you must think of replacing your tub with an easier and convenient option. Most of the bathtubs are made with the lower ledges or consider going for the walk-in bathtub. Never let your happiness and health get jeopardized just because your tub does not suit your style and needs.


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