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Why Vehicle Brands Need the Right Software Tools



It’s not usual to associate automobiles with software, but digital technology is rapidly becoming a huge part of car manufacturing but probably not in the most expected ways. As the technology that automobiles become more sophisticated and pressure mount on vehicle brands to balance customer satisfaction with greener technology, on-board computer systems are now a fixture in automobiles. Also, digital technology can be found in dashboard GPS systems, allowing you to plan your route without taking your eyes from the road, and hands-free communication, allowing for outbound and inbound calls to be made without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

However, it is beyond these systems where the right software tools are most required.

Replacement Parts

The physical aspect of any vehicle is always going to be the most important to maintain. At the moment, many cars can still run without their digital systems, but not vice-versa. Simply put, a car with physical problems is no good to anyone. Constant maintenance is necessary to ensure that the vehicle is in top condition.

Yet, it can be hard to keep watch over every vehicle component, particularly if it is more advanced. Vehicle makers have recognized this problem and have begun building helpful software into the car’s systems. Should the tires start to lose tread and traction, or if there is a problem with one of the wheels that are missed with a visual inspection, then the car owner will be alerted by the vehicle’s on-board systems. This assistance ensures that the car owner can stay on top of maintenance and knows exactly when to get some new custom wheels and invest in a new tire package.

Keeping in Contact

IVR (which stands for interactive voice response), many companies use software and systems to ensure that an inbound caller is quickly routed to the part of the service that they need. Traditional IVR presents a menu of options selected by pressing the corresponding button on the phone’s handset. By quickly getting the caller to speak to a live agent from the department they require, IVR is often considered to increase efficiency and significantly enhance the customer experience.

For vehicle manufacturers, IVR systems have to be modified as it is expected that the calls will be made from the vehicle itself. In the unfortunate event of an accident, or simply due to road conditions, it is assumed that pushing buttons on an interface will not be possible. Instead, vehicle brands turn to speech recognition as it is a better way to ensure that the IVR is used safely and effectively.

Future Planning

There is a paradigm shift occurring within the automation industry. Software developers are aware of how involved in the automation industry they will be, particularly with the integration of more digital technology in a traditionally analog-based field. Add to that the growing frequency of announcements from most vehicle brands. They make the mos becoming more environmentally friendly, and software developers have every right to be excited about what about unities lie ahead.

Then there is the future of the industry as a whole. Currently, the race is on to build safe, autonomous cars that will make it into the mainstream. Until then, auto-driving cars will rely not only on systems inside the vehicle but also outside of its rigorous and wide-reaching tests to ensure they are safe enough for consumers use.

The relationship between the physical and software-based components of any vehicle is rapidly becoming symbiotic, a trend that most vehicle manufacturers who are aiming to have longevity are become much more aware of.

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